Monday, November 6, 2017

Last Weekend Rewind

Last weekend is when the sickness really started in our house.  
Friday night we were supposed to go to Wondernight at the church, but Noah had a fever, so we didn’t want to spread germs. I took the kids outside for fresh air to help a bit. 
 Daddy picked up Pizza Hut and we had a pizza party. Emilya also said Love You for the first time!! The best words a child can ever say!
Saturday morning we went to London to pick up a joiner for the work shop, did some running around and came home for naptime.
After nap we packed the kids up for their sleep over at the farm! This was Em’s first sleep over!! They were both pretty excited!!
After we dropped them off, I had to run into town again for a few things and then the scramble began to find halloween costumes. We had both of ours planned out, but mine quickly came unplanned when we couldnt find my cat ears. Sooo I came up with the idea to be holiday confused. 
We got ready and headed to the pub for the halloween pub party. 
It was a lot of fun! We were home by just after 1. 
We had breakfast at the farm at 9 on Sunday. Apparently Em’s first night away was a long one. She woke up screaming and then stayed awake for a few hours. She ended up sleeping with Grandma and Grandpa! Good thing shes cute!! Haha.      
The important part was that they had fun! And that they did! Noah was feeling better too. But it was safe to say Miss Em was tired and needed a morning nap when we got home.
We were hosting my Dad’s side of our extended family for Christmas (in October). Don’t worry, no trees were put up. We bbq’d burgers and hot dogs, had some yummy salads and desserts and watched the kids open presents. We were all together and that was the best part! We did it early so my Dad could be here before they leave for Florida!
We did manage to get a pic of most of the littles after they got back from the park with my Dad. They were starting to fall apart, but I think we did prett good considering. (Em was napping)
After my aunts and uncles left, we hung out with my dad, Cindy, my sister and family and watched the kids play together.
My Dad made us a beautiful sign too:
After everyone left, we snapped a few photos out front with the pumpkins:
Look at the difference from last year:
Sadly my babies are growing and growing fast!!
Noah was starting to fade. His fever came back, he was tired because he didnt nap and was quickly falling apart. After supper it became clear he was coming down with a bad cold. We were all doomed. 

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