Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What I Am Loving

I figure its been a while since I have listed some of the things I am loving as of late!

This weekend we have a photo session booked with a new photographer that I have found in the area. I am purchasing a small package which will give us just a few pictures, which is all I need and just enough to try her out. I purchased a coral lace high-low dress and I am torn as to wear my brown boots with it or my strappy sandals. I'm leaning more towards the boots.

It is super hot out again today, yesterday was too. I'm not complaining, just getting myself ready for fall!
We are going shopping in the states this weekend as well - which means I will finally be buying my maternity clothes!! I'm actually excited to go maternity shopping!
I had an engagement photo session on Monday evening and I am soo happy with how the pictures are turning out!! Here are a few of my favs:

We have decided on a theme for the nursery we think... we have both agreed on doing teal, grey and white, and although I want to incorporate chevron in some way, shape and form, here is an idea:

M finally budged on a white crib, as he wanted a wood finish.
Last but not least I am loving this quote about Baby V!! It is soo true, I have a smile on my face constantly lately!


J and A said...

Have fun on your shoot! Just new family photos? Enjoy the states! My advice would be to not buy too many mat clothes cause you never know how and what will grow!! Buy them as you grow. YAY for it still being hot - it is here too and I love it!

Murdock's mama said...

Yay for getting your photos taken...I haven't see the options, but I would say BOOTS! :)

The nursery inspiration is ADORABLE! I LOVE it!!

Check out Old Navy, Target, and Gap for Maternity clothes. Kohls and Gordmans have some of the essentials. My advice for buying maternity clothes is to buy the same size you normally wear. Like an idiot, I bought a ton of Large/XL stuff thinking I would grow into it...but really they make things to grow into and size it like normal. SO I had a TON of clothes that I never got to wear.

It's been brutally hot here...100*+ Everything is ugly! {no green grass & the leaves are just dead--no color at all!} I'm getting ready for Fall!

Hilary said...


Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Looking forward to seeing your pictures! I think boots or sandals would look great!

Wow you took some great shots! I love the one with the sun and the one on the bridge. Talented!

Love that nursery inspiration picture. I want to do grey but not sure what other colours yet. I would love to add some chevron too but it all depends on if I can find anything around here or cheap online.


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