Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Our weekend was super busy, but a great one!! 

Friday night started off with the first ball game in the seasons final tournament and they won! M went out for drinks with the team and I came home and crawled into bed! I had a chill I just could shake! 

Saturday morning was off to a super early start!! M's game started at 8 AM! If I'm being entirely honest, I'm not exactly used to getting up that early and it was rough. They lost that game, just as it was starting to rain. We went with the team to grab breakfast at the truckstop between home an the ball park. It was horrible. Everything about it, except maybe the Subway in it, which most of the guys got, but it was waay to early to have a sub in my books! 

Next game was at 10:30, it was pouring and chilly! Oh and they lost, not just to any team, but to the team that finished the season in the bottom 2, and had won by a long shot in their league game. But they really lost to them on Saturday. The next game wasn't until 2:15, so we went back to one of the guys on the teams garage, ordered pizza and they drank beer. 

The 2:15 came and went, literally they lost again! They tried, had some great plays, but Saturday was just not meant for ball! They had lost all day. Luckily it had started to warm up during that game. 

M and I came home, showered, packed up and headed to the lake for seafood night. The rain had luckily just stopped there and we sat down to a fantastic meal! I called it a night at 11, I just couldn't stay up any later and went to bed on the boat with the dogs, who were also tired! 

Sunday was too windy for boating, so we packed up and headed home around noon. When we got home we decided to bath the dogs on the patio, as they were long overdue for a bath, had lunch, started laundry, M cut the grass and cleaned the pool - which is a lovely shade of green right now, took the mattress from the nursery out to the garage for now until my Dads stuff gets moved out of our shop in the back. I had a nap, then we went down to the park so I could practice some photography tricks I had been learning, before tonight's engagement session.

Today Baby V and I have a doctors appointment with my family doctor and I am hoping to get the date for our appointment with my OB today as well. And then I have an engagement session tonight that I am looking forward too!! 

This week I plan to wrap our journey to Baby V on the blog and post a first trimester recap, now that the second trimester has arrived!! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! 


Murdock's mama said...

I can't wait to see the engagement session...I just shot one yesterday afternoon and it was SO fun! :)

Have a good week!

J and A said...

Sounds like a good weekend! That's fun that you have a shoot!!

Suzanne said...

What a great weekend!!!! If only they could be longer. :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Looking forward to your baby recaps!

Hope your photography sessions go well! said...

Happy 2nd tri!!!!!

Fash Boulevard said...

oh my goodness, what a crazy weekend. So many games, so little time. They're just never long enough. :) Hope you're doing well, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo


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