Thursday, September 12, 2013

First Trimester Recap (Weeks 4-13)

On June 28, 2013, I had taken a home pregnancy test - just a cheap internet one, in the middle of the afternoon, because just in case I was pregnant I didn't want to drink, as it was the long weekend. This test came back positive, but because of our previous month's scare, I didn't believe it. I showed M when he got home from work and we decided I wouldn't drink Friday night until another test confirmed it on Saturday morning.

On June 29, 2013, I had to pee at 5 AM, so I lined up 3 different tests that I just happened to have kicking around from cheapest to most expensive. After the first came back positive, I tested the 2nd one - positive and then pulled out the digital one (one I have always feared using because I hated seeing NOT PREGNANT) and sure enough it said PREGNANT 1-2. Something I had never seen before. My eyes filled with tears. I went into the bedroom with the digital test, turned on the light and tried to wake up my hung-over husband and told him I was really pregnant - this was really happening! He was happy, but managed somehow to go back to sleep. So I texted a few close friends and my sister. It felt like forever for anyone to respond, including my husband. I was wide awake and on cloud 9. Finally M came around and was just as excited as I was. I had to swear him to secrecy because we were around all our friends this weekend and I didn't want any slip ups. 

Week 4:
- Going to the doctor to have blood work done to confirm the pregnancy. Getting the return calls from the fertility clinic with excellent news! Something I wasn't used to!
- Telling my Mom and Dad, as well as a few close friends who were cheering us along this journey
- Celebrating Canada Day weekend in a way I will never forget
- on cloud 9!!! This is such a surreal feeling after waiting soo long and getting bad news after bad news. Not at all what I expected after hearing my AMH was worse.
- Blessed, excited, scared, so very grateful.
Week 5:

- first prenatal appointment with my family doctor
- Scared, as my Mom had her stroke this week. I was scared about losing her, or the stress impact that this could have on the baby. Luckily my family doctor had given me tips for handling it all, but it didn't take the worry away.
Week 6:
- telling M's parents when they got home from vacation
- excited about our ultrasound next week!!
- Tired. Not sure if its the stress catching up to me, or if its the pregnancy.
- Hungry all the time! Can't get through the night without needing a snack. Our bed is stacked with granola bars.
- Don't like eggs.
Week 7:
- Our ultrasound!! We videotaped the heart beating. It was soo amazing to see!!
- Baby was measuring one day ahead!
- Baby measured 1 cm long. Soo tiny!
- My eyes filled with tears when the ultra-sonographer told us you were in there.
- Listening to the heartbeat - I could listen to it all day long. Nothing short of amazing!
- Super tired.
- had my first bout of all day nausea this week.
Week 8:
- week 8 was rough. I had started spotting, very minimal, but still enough to scare myself.
- Scared. Our doctors didn't seem concerned, as there was no blood and it stopped.
- Tired.
- craving French fries
Week 9:
- 9 weeks ultrasound!! Seeing sweet Baby V wiggling around in there.
- Watching M's face and reactions to seeing the baby and how much it has changed. He was soo excited and it just melted my heart to see that. He was excited at the last ultrasound, but seeing the baby moving was something we will never forget.
- having our last appointment at the fertility clinic. After 4 long years going there almost monthly, sometimes daily, it was surreal to done going there. This struggle was over! Our doctor is very happy with how my pregnancy is progressing, and gave us the clear to announce it!
- Baby's heart beat was 179 and measured 2.4 cm and still a day ahead!
- so incredibly blessed. This baby is a true miracle.
- Hungry all the time!!
- Tired
- craving French Fries

Week 10:
- Telling all of our friends and family members!!
- Baby is considered a fetus now!
- We are in double digits now!! It wont be long before we are counting down to single digits!
- Finding the baby's heart beat at home on the Doppler!
- Baby is starting to bump out now
- like Baby V is soo loved and lucky to have our family and friends in the baby's life! Everyone's reactions this past week have warmed my heart. Feels great to share our little secret with the world!
- I am soo very tired, I cannot get comfortable for the life of me!
- still craving French fries

Week 11
- finding the baby's heart beat at home is soo easy now! I just love listening to the baby.
- seeing M now check out strollers as people walk by, trying to pick out the things he likes about them.
- Going to Baby-R-Us to get a pregnancy wedge and check out baby stuff.
- Baby bump is really starting to pop now!
- Gracie has started to figure out I'm pregnant. She sits in front of me and stares and wont leave my side.
- Baby received his/her first gift from a friend. A sweet book for me to start reading to him/her.
- Bought a belly band to wear with my shorts that are now not so comfy to do up!
- sleeping better now
- allergies are starting up - not fun!
- a few dizzy spells this week
Week 12
-bought a baby bjorn this past week.
- received some hand-me-down maternity clothes
- started emptying out the nursery and planning how we want it.
- spotted again this week, nothing major, still no blood, but found baby's heart beat and felt reassured.
- can hear the baby moving and kicking on the Doppler. 
- Allergies are horrible, not getting much sleep
- lots of aches and pains due to blowing my nose and sneezing
- a bit scared when the spotting came again, but felt better after I heard the baby.
- gave into a craving of A&W and it wasn't as good as my mind made it up to be.
- still can't do eggs, not loving red meat, pasta or spices.
- Craving waffles and apple crisp.
13 Weeks:
- Being in the 2nd trimester now!! Yay!
- still hearing you kick on the Doppler, M thinks it is pretty funny
- felt some flip flops that I have never felt before, I don't know that it was baby, but something to do with the pregnancy. Time will tell when I actually know what I am feeling for! I know it is too early now!
- Started wearing maternity jeans, they are still a bit too big, but more comfy than wearing my regular jeans with a belt because they are too big.
- The belly rubbing has begun from friends and family! Luckily no strangers.
- Decided on white furniture. M finally budged on something regarding the baby! Still will NOT budge on finding out the sex. He is adamant that we will not be finding out. I can agree with his reasoning - there are very few surprises in life.
- aches and pains continue. I'm thinking round ligament pain.
- allergies are continuing to worsen!
- still not sleeping, napping when I can.
- Cravings: Cheesies and cherry blasters made it home this week and man were they amazing!! Waay better than before, yet not something I would usually buy.
Next week I will start with 14 weeks (the week I am in now), so the bump dates will be one week behind. Just so I can fully recap the whole week.


J and A said...

So exciting!! Love all the updates! So glad you and babe are doing so well.

Leigh said...

Congrats again! Glad that everything worked out for you guys :)

Suzanne said...

What a great bump! So happy for you.

Caroline said...

Such an exciting story - Love that bump!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Reading this brought so many happy tears to my eyes!! I'm so happy for you!


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