Friday, July 8, 2016

Long Weekend Rewind

Vacation has officially started and the fun hasn't stopped!!

Thursday evening our company for the weekend arrived. They brought supper with them, which we enjoyed poolside, they set up thier trailer and the kids swam and played. After we got the kids in bed, a few more friends joined us and we decided to do a fire, being very careful of course, becaus you bet they posted a fire ban for the weekend because of how dry we have had it, so we kept water on hand just incase. We were crazy and stayed up until 2 AM! 

Friday morning everyone seemed to sleep in until 8 AM. It was a rainy morning, which was much needed, although not enough fell. 

The kids colored, we made cupcakes and just had a bunch of fun. 

We had more company come over for dinner, they set up the tent before we headed to ball park for their first ball game. 

While they were playing ball, the kids dance was on at the park! Noah had a blast dancing the night away. He even scored a trip to the playground with friends of ours! He managed to stay up until 9:30, but boy was he tired! We put him right to bed and there wasn't much movement after that! A couple other friends came over and we had a bonfire and hit up the hot tub after getting the kids to bed and stayed up until 1AM! 

Saturday morning we attempted to do our strawberry waffle breakfast, but everyone kind of ate in shifts. M had to leave early because he was in the parade, so we cleaned up, got ready, another team mate and his family arrived and we all walked over to watch the parade at our friends house! 

Noah was so excited, I loved seeing the excitement, I'm glad we watched it instead of going in it! Emilya slept most of the time, but I ended up having to wear her, as she did not like the sirens. 

And yes, Noah insisted on wearing his fire chief hat to the parade instead of his ball cap! 

When we got home after the parade, this guy was so busy! He ended up having a quick shower and didn't want to get out: 

We went down to the park for lunch and Noah had a blast in the bouncy castle - soo much fun that M had to go in after him! Of course M has the video to go with this, not that I can load a video on my blog anyways (not sure how). We had lunch, watched M's game and then came right home with one tired little boy. I stayed home for the next game, as it was naptime around these parts and that is just something I am not willing to forego! 

They ended up winning the game I missed and had a 5:45 game, which put a damper on the dinner plans. M had been smoking brisket all day! But we managed to keep it warm during the game! This time I decided to bring trucks down to the game to entertain Noah and keep him with me. I definetely learned why I don't take two kids to the ball game, although bringing the toys made the big difference for Noah. 

They ended up winning the C division! It was great to see some wins under the teams belt now, since they had won any games all season so far! 

The team came back to our place after the game for supper, the kids swam and everyone seemed to have fun! We had one person bounce through our patio screen, which was humorous. Time seemed to fly by, because next thing I knew, it was well after 8 PM and we ere scrambling to get the bed. 

I did make up a new drink I'm calling "Moms Night Out", which was passion tea lemonade (similar to Starbucks - made at home, with either raspberry vodka/rum or sour puss. It was soo good!!!

We had a bonfire again, lots of laughs and fun and everyone had gone home by 12 AM, and that is when the real fun began - when we started a water fight with the neighbours behind us, by filling up 150 water balloons - thank you to the bunch of balloons hose attachment that fills them up automatically and ties them! We had them made in no time! Turns out they had their kids out still, so we had to be careful! The clever neighbours had a hose that reached all the way to our yard, so needless to say, we did get wet! 

We had some left over, and there was a big dance going on down the street at the ball park, so we decided to sit on the front porch and launch water balloons at those walking home. Clearly this wouldn't fly in a big city, but in our little village, it was all fun and games. Even when 2 people brough buckets of water back to throw at us!! We did see a lot of interesting things, but my favorite was the 2 drunk guys with a beer on a bike trying to double ride. It was clearly 15 minutes of pure laughter for us as they tried to figure out how to make it work. That was another 2 AM night.

Let's just say, I was really happy to have kids that sleep well and sleep in this past weekend!! 

Sunday morning was the firemans breakfast and Noah insisted on wearing his fire hat again! Our house guests tagged along and left just after lunch, when my Dad arrived from camping. 

Let's just say, I had nap when the kids did and when we all got up, Noah was soo happy to play with Grandpa!! 

After we put Noah to bed, my Dad, M and I sat out on the front porch and watched the fire works with the perfect view!! 

It was an awesome weekend filled with soo much fun and laughter. Despite how busy we were, and having company around all weekend, I was really proud of how well Noah handled it!! 

This past week I will recap eventually. We are off to the cottage tomorrow for a week and will be without the internet, but you can keep up with us on Instagram :) 


Murdock's mama said...

What an awesome weekend!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

So much fun!! I'm exhausted just reading about everything you guys did!

Naps are pretty precious around here too! I will take car naps in a pinch but skipping a nap completely is not a good idea!


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