Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekend Rewind

And just like that another HOT weekend has zoomed on by!

Friday M was done works little early, so after I finally got Emilya down, the rest of us went for a swim! The pool was 80 degrees, which is my kind of temperature - I'm a bit of wimp when it comes to pool temps! We had a blast playing in the pool! 

Friday night I was brave and decided take Noah and Emilya down to the ball park to watch some of Daddy's game, since it was a home game. I armed myself with the double stroller, snacks, and toys. I knew he would be staying up a bit late and we were willing to forego the bath routine. 

He actually did pretty well. He played with another little boy, sharing his toys nicely. He cheered for the "blue Jays" - any baseball team is the blue Jays lol. He shared his snack with a little girl and listened pretty well. But of course I knew it was going too smoothly and just as I was giving the 5 minute warning because it was almost 9 PM, he fell off the bleachers. Luckily or not... He didn't fall too far and actually fell rather slowly and didn't end up hurting himself, but it did scare him. This was
not his first time falling, but I think he gets embarrassed, so you bet we left the ball park with a screaming kid and Emilya didn't take long to join in because she was getting hungry! Luckily it's just a short walk home! 

I will say he went to bed pretty easily after I wiped him down (from all the dust at the park), got him in his pjs and he didn't even want a book read, he just crawled int bed and was out like a light! His sister on the other hand was fighting sleep like crazy and was still awake when M got home.

Saturday morning we all slept in! I love how happy Em is in the morning, I mean she is just generally a happy baby, but her smiles are soo stinkin' big in the morning, that it just brightens my day! 

After breakfast, Noah and I had a little Mommy/Noah date. We decided to go shopping, one of his favorite things. It was soo nice having a little one on one time with him again - crazy how much I miss hanging out just him and I! I did let him pick out a new toy while we were shopping and he couldn't  wait to get home and play with it! When the kids went down for thier nap, I headed back into town to hit up the dollar store! Check out my haul:

Saturday afternoon M went and got the kobota to do some yard work with. He grinded down the tree stump on Friday morning, so we had all the shavings to get rid of. You bet Noah loved every kobota ride he had to the yard waste depot! Even I took him down to dump it and we went on a little tour! 

We had ribs on the BBQ with green beans for supper and it was soo yummy!! After supper went went for a family village tour! 

Before coming inside for bath time, we had an important task of dinosaur egg hunting... Aka rock hunting, but this time I had a fun plan up my sleeve! We put the rock in a container with water over night:

Sunday morning after another sleep in, we found a dinosaur in the jar!! He was soo excited, however M he isn't e a toy into dinosaurs, so maybe after we do this a few times, he will be? Boy just loves his trucks and cars! But he did seem to love the experience, so we will try it again this week! 

After a yummy pancake breakfast, the boys headed outside to do some gardening. We finally planted the front garden - for now. Here is the before:

And the durings:

And the after (taken this morning after we finally got some rain!!): 

While the boys were outside working, Emilya was rolling - literally around on the floor while I got the floors all cleaned on the main floor! Crazy how much she moving already and pulling her knees under herself! It won't be long before she is crawling! 

We attempted to put Noah down for a nap early, but it was a bust, he is just used to napping at the same time or later, but never earlier! When he woke up, we headed to a family BBQ to welcome my cousin home from Belize before she heads back out west in a few weeks. 

It was nice to introduce Emilya to everyone who hadn't met her yet and baby girl had soo much to say, she didn't stop babbling away and loved interacting with everyone, especially my cousins baby boy, who is a month older. Noah pretty much swam the whole time and did soo well!! He had soo much fun as do and really loved the cupcakes!! 

I just love how much fun we all had and I seriously just love these ages!! 

When we get home, I got Emilya settled, while the boys ran the kobota back to the farm and when they got home it was bedtime! 

We had such a fun weekend!! Soo much fun that we all slept in again, heck Noah didn't get up until 9!!


Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

So much fun!!! I'm jealous of your pool!! We went to a pool party at my boss' house on Friday and it was heated to 90! It was lovely! The kids didn't want to get out at all!

Emilya is so happy and smiley! Love her!

Leo got one of the Dinosaur eggs as a gift- except it had a crocodile in it! I'll have to get another one- both kids were in awe of it and were so excited to watch it crack.

Kimmy said...

What were the items you got at the dollar store? What are your favorite items to buy there?


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