Friday, July 29, 2016

High Five Friday

Phew, we survived the week!!  And by we, I mean I kept my toddler alive and most of my sanity, but not much of it!!

Not sure what got into him this week, but he has been a challenge.

Emilya also went for her first swim this week and loved it!! 

Speaking of crazy toddler... Funny story - sort of. 

I finally heard from the specialist for Emilya this week and while oh the phone booking the appointment,  Noah was found in the bathroom when I got off of the 3 minute phone call "cleaning". He meant well at least, however cleaning with febreeze doesn't quite cut it! But my bath mat smells good! So note to self, bring toddler out of the bathroom during important phone calls and what used to be safe on the counter from reaching is no longer safe! 

My cousin from out west is down with her daughter for a week and they came by Wednesday. It was soo much fun seeing Noah and Briar play together now. The 6 month age gap isn't as obvious and now they are just chatting like crazy and finding all sorts of fun and trouble to get into! 

Can someone please tell me how such a small child needs such big stuff?? I know they don't NEED it, but it sure makes life easier. We put away the bouncer, since Em can catapult herself out of it, and have the bumbo, which she can also plank out of. So I also brought out the highchair. Luckily ours reclines a bit, so she can sit comfortably at least. She seems to really like it!! 

Let's talk work out, I ordered Country Heat yesterday by Beachbody and can't wait for it to come in!! I have 7 stubborn pounds of baby weight to lose and I'm hoping this is a program I can do with the kids, since Emilya likes watching us dance and Noah loves country music and dancing! Not mention there are no weights to get thrown around! 

This weekend is going to be soo much fun!! We are hosting a family BBQ on Saturday! My Dad and Cindy come down tomorrow until Sunday! We were talking about canning some pickles, but that won't be happening this weekend. We will hopefully go through the storage stuff and get rid of stuff to a big yard sale. 

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