Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Weekend Unwrapped

I hope everyone had a great Christmas weekend, I know we certainly did!   
                 As I posted on Friday, we went and picked up our secret family surprise! I am hoping to do a whole new post on our deciding factors, meeting her for the first time, etc. But I will say it was a big decision and was very heavy on my heart. I'm happy to say the decision has turned out to be a good one - no regrets.
We named her Maggie and she is lab/shepherd cross. I will say she is fitting in just nicely.                 
 So Friday was spent getting to know Maggie, teaching Noah how to handle the jumping and nipping - which he does great with and just playing with her and spending time as a family! It was great!                 
We failed at getting Christmas Eve jammie pictures! This is the best we got: 
Saturday morning my mom and sisters family came over to celebrate Christmas. Christmas Eve is always soo busy, so we decided on an early gathering to accommodate and it was great. Noah was just kind of spun and overexcited, so he wasn't on his best behaviour, but we worked through it.                 
 We tried a different church service, because of its earlier convenient time, however it wasn't as good as our regular Christmas service. For this year, it was exactly what we needed, because it was super short and once again, Noah was overexcited. He did pretty good, but a later and longer service wouldn't have gone over well.               
 We picked up pizza for supper on our way home, took our traditional Christmas photo, played for a bit before leaving cookies and milk (and a carrot) out for Santa, and started the bedtime routine.                 
After the kids were in bed, we got everything all set up for Christmas morning. Little did Santa know that he got Noah a firetruck that actually sprays water... great job Santa!! 
I'm really disappointed in myself, because I do not have a whole lot of photos from Christmas Day at all. I started off taking pictures and then M told me to use the video camera instead!! Well I think I will set the tripod for video and still take picture, because I love the pictures more. 
The kids woke up around 7, they came into our bed, watched an episode of paw patrol with their milk. I pumped, made a quick batch of banana muffins and then we let the kids come out to see what Santa brought! Noah was soo excited, not to mention Santa preloaded the fire truck with water!! Emilya was happy with her flashlight toy as well. So they played for a bit before Grandma and Grandpa came over and that is when the chaos began. 
We had wrapping paper everywhere, toys scattered, a break for breakfast, a break after a couple of toys to open them and play, Em had a nap. Let's just say we didn't finish opening good gifts until noon!! But it was fun!! It was a great day and of course I wish to do it all over again since I didn't get all the pictures I wanted, including the kids sitting in front of the tree on Christmas morning, but I will make them wear the Christmas jams again and sit in the chair together at least!
My Mom came over just after lunch, both kids had a nap while us adults had some down time and got dinner going. It was perfect. Supper was great, we had turkey and goose, along with all the fixings and lemon meringue pie and raspberry/elderberry pie. We were all soo full!! 
Em didn't even cry once the whole day. 
It was honestly a great day!! Christmas is soo much more fun with kids!!
Boxing Day we had a visit with Carrie and Steve and then headed to a family Christmas in the afternoon.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas and here is to a fantastic New Years weekend!!! 

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I am the worst at getting photos on holidays! Love the new addition :) So cute!
Happy new year!


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