Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Wednesday's Weekend Rewind

We will rewind all the way back to Friday! 

   We were about the get hit with yet another snow storm! We seriously have soo much snow!!! I wanted to run into town and finish up our stocking stuffers, however, last minute we decided to make it a family affair - what was I thinking?? Taking kids out into chaotic Christmas stores... but whatever. We survived. We enjoyed a nice little dinner out, and finished up at Walmart! Little Miss Em enjoyed sitting in the cart for the first time!!   

   The roads were quickly getting crummy, but we made it home. Noah thought we needed to shovel before going inside. Bless his heart:   

 It was bath and bedtime and then wrapping time for Mom and Dad!   

 Saturday morning shovelling was not an option. We got dumped on! So the boys were back at it again while I troubleshooted with our TV provider for our PVR. The solution was a new one.   

 We had our family business Christmas dinner at The Keg that evening and the kids actually did pretty good - Emilya loved the bread.    

 Our drive home was slow and scary at times with how slippery it was, but we made it home in one piece. 

   Sunday we tackled the to-do list. I finally put photoshop on my computer and got some of Em's printables done for her room, although I am not done yet! 

We deep cleaned the bedroom, cleaned the mudroom and worked on the Christmas stockings.   

 The kids did pretty good while we worked to get all that done, which was nice because it doesn't always go that way.   

 Monday I had my dentist appointment. Ugh I hate going to the dentist, but I did it, I survived and came up with a plan to help me love my smile without the use of braces!   

 Hope everyone had a great weekend. I can hardly believe Christmas is THIS weekend!!

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