Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Snowy Weekend Fun

Despite having a little guy who was not feeling soo hot at ALL... we had a great weekend, jam-packed with family and fun!!    
 Friday we started out with a trip to the doctors office. Luckily my mom was here for the weekend and was able to watch Emilya for me, so I could just take Noah. Noah did pretty good, of course we had a med student, which Noah was really co-operative for, but when our family doctor came in, he was not having it. Well it turned out he was getting a double ear infection, on top of this nasty cold he has had for over a month. So he was prescribed his very first prescription.

We had plans to bake that afternoon with him, but he had a super long nap instead, which was much needed! But Mom and I got the Christmas Crack done and then made nuts and bolts with him after. He was a big fan of pouring everything in. I really need to get the little squish an apron! I was looking for paw patrol fabric this weekend but didn't find any!!                     

This girl was a doll for Grandma, and even went down for a nap without being rocked!! Stinker - if only she would do that for me!! 

Noah has horrible coughing spells, to the point of vomiting, so he got to hang out with this bowl, but he made the best of it... I seriously need to take notes because he is the happiest sick kid I know!! 

Saturday was a super busy day! We started it off with breakfast with Santa! Prepare yourselves for the cutest Santa pic ever with Em:

It was soo much fun! Just like every year, my sister was there with the kiddos too, so we attempted a group photo of the kids together as well:

Noah was beginning to fade and of course we had his last gymnastics class up next with a recital. Poor guy was beginning to burn up, but he completed the class. He wouldn't give up because he had both Grandmas and Grandpa there watching! Proud of him! We will really miss gymnastics!! But we are giving swimming a go in January! 

We picked up some lunch and headed home. Noah crashed right after. He woke up feeling much better. My Mom and I ran out to pick up fabric for my stockings. I was able to get the best burlap - it has gold stitching in it!!! I made my mom sing a Christmas carol to get me 20% off!! Mom perks!! 

While Mom and I were shopping, I had Mike finish up a little project I was working on for the foyer! A new coat rack to accommodate all our coats until we get the closet in the mudroom! 


We just did left overs for dinner, because M had to head off to the fire hall to help with the parade! My Mom and I bundled the kids up, Mike's parents came over and we all walked over to the parade. Em was not loving being in the gigantic snow suit again. But overall seemed to enjoy the parade. Noah of course loved it:
Another snow storm hit Sunday, so my mom left early before it got too crummy out. Noah hopped in his sisters crib for the first time since she has been born. All we heard from downstairs was "help I'm stuck" and this is what we found... trouble!! 

 We headed to the farm to help Grandpa throw some wood in. Emilya ended up catching her brothers cold, so she wasn't the happiest of campers, but we made due! Noah of course had a blast between throwing the wood, chasing Grace, riding in the tractor and playing in the snow!! We had some lunch and headed home for nap time! 
During nap time, I busted out my Cricut and made a Christmas present and then started these:

After a busy weekend, I knew Monday was not gunna be all that fun with this guy. His listening ears were missing most of the day, despite me trying to keep him entertained. It was another snowy day, just as today is shaping up to be! Needless tos say it WILL be a white Christmas around these parts! 

 This little miss caught her brothers cold, so she was trying her best to be as happy as can be, but was needing some extra snuggles, which I happily handed out! 
 I headed into town last night to pick up a Christmas present, as well as a trip to the dollar store, however I can't share my dollar store haul with you because there are parts of gifts and stuff for the secret surprise.  Today is Grandma's birthday, so we were busy in the kitchen this morning baking!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


J and A said...

Such cute Santa photos!! Sounds like a good weekend for sure!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Wow what a busy weekend despite the kids being sick!! I burst out laughing at Noah climbing into Em's crib! Too funny!!

Nice job on the stockings!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Awe hope Noah is starting to feel better! Our girls have coughs they cannot shake though I think C's is from teething congestion.
Great Santa photos! I am glad I got one good one since the two times after one or the other girl was not having it.
Your stockings look great!


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