Thursday, December 1, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Soo apparently I failed at blogging the rest of the week last week, and well this week isn't shaping up to be much better now is it??
Our past weekend was seriously fun!! 
Friday I had to goto London to take to get another ear impression made for her hearing aid. That little ear grows soo fast! But I thought I would make a day of it and went in a little earlier. Noah went shopping with Grandma and Em and I left around 11 AM. We stopped at the IKEA pick up location first, where I bought some new bowls and plates and some new stuffies for the kids. Em is in love with this flamingo:
After that I met my sister, we did a little shopping and then decided to surprise my mom on her last day of work with succulent arrangement. She was pretty surprised and loved having Em there to show off!! Crazy to think she is retired now!! 
I cut it really close to dropping my sister off and making it to the university for Emilya's appointment for a new ear mould impression for her hearing aid. But we made it, Em tolerated it well and we were on our way, but first a quick nursing session in the car. I may have snuggled her a little extra, because these moments don't last anymore. 
We hit up Costco and I was going to stop at the mall in our way home, but there was a line up to park - black friday, so we went straight home instead. But I did enjoy one of these on the way home: 
It's the most wonderful time of the year with these  
marshmallow santas!
This guy had fun shopping and hanging out with Grandma! We had a family dinner at the farm beforehand heading home to get our bedtime routine going. 
Saturday was pretty much a write off... we had gymnastics in the morning, and then once we get the kids down for a nap, we decided we would move the furniture around the room to accommodate Christmas, however M got a medical page, then M's parents needed some help moving furniture out, the kids woke up and well we ended up changing the room around twice, all just to put it back pretty much to how we had it! 
We at least had cute helpers...
Oh and the boys had a little DIY project... they put power in my console table behind the couch!! 
And of course we had some fun during all the chaos... um Em, you gotta little something there on your cheek:
Sunday was fun, soo much fun! I found myself flooded with soo much joy that I found myself with tears in my eyes at times. Sometimes it is just soo hard to believe how far we have come. 
We started with decorated our peanut butter and toast with sprinkles:
Then we put up the tree and had to fluff out all the branches:
Miss Em was ready for her first tree decorating day too:
Noah had to Em all about Christmas:
And well it was a long perfectly beautiful day full of memories made and this girl just took them all in. She was super snuggly by bedtime, so I held her just a little longer!! 
And the finished product:
We have been wrapping presents as they come in and we needed to fill the back of the tree so a certain little girl wouldn't get back there!! You bet she loves laying under the tree!! Best gift ever, along with her brother that is!! 

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Stacy said...

Looks fun! Em is really starting to look like Noah I find.


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