Tuesday, January 31, 2017

House Goals for 2017

It seems as though there is always something to do whether big or small when it comes to owning a house. Granted we don't have much that NEEDS to be redone, but we have stuff we would like done. I think last year was on the NEED basis, with the basement flooding.   

 Speaking of the basement, we haven't even finished decorating down there or organizing the toys, holy toys. Having a girl and a boy almost doubles the toys now, and Em doesn't even care about what she plays with! We are still in the big toy age, so they don't have easy homes. Sooo, organizing the basement and decorating the space down there is on the list! Ideally it will be a bit of this and this put together since it is a combined space. 

  We talk about about making a possible gallery wall in the great room, now that we mounted the tv, but we are still undecided on that!   

 The mudroom is officially getting an overhaul. Well, the floors are staying, but we are building a closet, putting in new garden doors and this will become our main entrance for us as a family (it's right off the garage) and we will be painting. This project will be going down in the next couple of weeks actually!   

 The NEED of the year is new floors in the kitchen/great room and foyer, but M and I are considering doing the dining room and bedroom with the same floor all throughout. We have hardwood in the dining room and laminate in the bedroom. They don't need to replaced, but it might be nice to have a uniform floor all throughout. When we had the roof off the back end of the house, the moisture has caused our laminate floors to separate a bit. Chances are we will reuse part of the floor that is in good shape and put it upstairs in the storage room that has carpet. 

 The other NEED is new fence posts, we are hoping to salvage the fence boards, but the posts are starting to fall over and one good wind storm and we could lose a lot more than we already have!!    

A few other projects being discussed is a feature wall in the foyer, removing the paneling and putting up something like this:
Except in white! 

Noah's room is going to be repainted, because I am not a fan of how it turned out! The top colour is fine, but I am not loving the blue on the bottom. I did buy new bedding and can't wait to get it all together! His new room is going to be Canadian themed!

We are toying with the idea of creating a proper useful closet/storage space in the dining room! We have a useless closet that is not functional AT all!!! This will likely become a 2018 project!! 

The other thing we talk about is decking around the hot tub, but we haven't decided if it will happen this year or not as it will depend what we end up doing with out NEEDS on the list! 

Now we will see what we actually accomplish this year!! 


J and A said...

Can't wait to see what you guys do! We are in the midst of talking about doing a kitchen reno! Yikes. And I want wall for the kids art too, I just don't know where! ha

Murdock's mama said...

LOVE this list! Seeing home improvement upgrades are my favorite!! :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love your ideas! Seeing as we just moved I do not have a ton of things but want to finish our gallery wall in our bonus room, hang a few more things in the toy room (including an art wall) and then this year our big project is our yard, a poured and stamped concrete pad in the back is on my wish list!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Wow- that is a lot of projects! Good things you guys are so handy! When do you find the time to do it all?

I would like to paint the kids rooms but I'm undecided because we aren't sure at this point who will be sharing a room so I don't want to paint audrey's room pink or purple and then have her and Leo share a room. I told J I wanted to do Leo's room the same as his nursery at our old house and he wasn't too keen on that! Too much work apparently ;)

I want to do a kids art wall also but I'm having a hard time finding the wire to hang the photos. I thought Ikea had a kit but they don't so J is going to get all the parts and put it up.


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