Tuesday, August 8, 2017

August Long Rewind

We don't tend to do much on this long weekend ever. Well I actually think we do projects and well that is just what we did! The weather really wasn't all that nice. 
Friday night M had ball, I was cozied up on the couch with a bowl of air-popped popcorn watching my shows. 
 Saturday morning we decided that we were going to tackle the breakfast bar. You know when you get an idea in your head and yu can't rest until it's done... this was one of those! 
With the kitchen being almost done now, I wanted nothing more but to clear my counters!! I wanted the keurig, the toaster, the bread box, my canisters, etc. gone! But I also know we don't quite have the budget for the extravagant plans I originally wanted to do, but you know what? There is is always a way to do it cheaper and still get half decent results! And in the end, I'm really happy with how it turned out!!  
 So that meant a trip into the hardware store - we changed up stores so we didn't look like regulars... we got everything we needed!  I started staining the shelves right away!  

 After naps we played outside for a bit! Noah insisted on wearing his fire helmet! It doesn't take much for this kid to crack me up these days. If you watch my insta-stories, you would have seen his sneeze trick with bubbles... where does he come of with this stuff??!!

 We decided since we couldn't go swimming that it was a good day for the bouncy castle! Em was a riot watching her try to jump.

The new neighbours grandson was over visiting, so Noah invited him to come bounce too! The boys had fun climbing and sliding. I still don't regent buying that thing.


We did manage to get the new lights hung above the gazebo!! We found bulb lights at Costco! Love the way they look, although the pic doesn't quite do it justice!!

 Miss Maggie decided digging a hole in our yard was a smart idea... but really it wasn't and she ended up injuring her paw in the process. Her idea of rest is running around and playing. 

Sunday morning we were ready to start! We had electrical work to do, we thought drywalling... but then I remembered that we had 2  sheets of panelling that I had saved for some crazy reason!! We have held onto it for 6/7 years. Finally my hoarding paid off and I had just the plan for it!! We were going to paint it white and it could look like board and baton or even shiplap! It would make the grey shelves really pop! So got right on that project. Look at how ugly it was:

This project should have only taken us a few hours tops, but it really took us ALL day by the time we entertained the kids and kept them involved. Projects of any kind with children always take longer and require copious amounts of patience! 

It didn't help that Em is getting her eye teeth right now and was super irritable.. we hoped that some fresh air would help, but it didn't last! They threatened storms in the afternoon, so we thought we better get them outside to play for a bit at least. 

We were in the very last stages of getting the project done, so we made the kids stay up late (parenting fail) and got it done! We did reward them with some Ipad time, something they don't get often at all, but when we pull it out it is like magic! Look at them:

Monday morning we put some of the stuff in and I'm soo happy we did this!! It really works for our family and make sure this closet function again.    

 Noah couldn't wait to make toast!!  

We finally snapped a few photos of Em at 16 months! She was too grumpy in her actual 16th month birthday, so we snapped a few on Monday!     

 The rest of the day we worked away on the to-do list and look how much we accomplished!!

Not all of it, but quite a bit and a few extras! Sorting through kids toys was likely my most unfavourable task of the day!  
 Grandma and Grandpa came over for dinner and then we went swimming! This pool heater is definitely making us use the pool more!!

 We tried Em in her puddle jumper for the first time and oh my goodness she took off!! She a bit small for it, but it works! She gets soo bored being held all the time but hates her life jacket!    

Once we got the kids in bed, I had to get Maggie out for a walk, despite her still limping, she was going stir crazy, so I just took her to the paths at the park to work on training, but we came across these stunning views!! 

Hope everyone had a great long weekend!! 

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