Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday's Thoughts

I am still in disbelief that summer is almost over!!! How is it August already, I'm not even sure??   
 Aside from the fact that it has been a busy summer for us, we do have a lot on the go, but I'm hoping these last few weeks we can soak up.       
 Noah's at his last morning of pre-school today! He will start back up in September going Thursday mornings and then hopefully come the new year he can go Tuesday and Thursday. He is doing much better with drop offs, just in time to make him start all over again in September of course!  
 He is obsessed with his Daddy right now, this pretty much happens after a long weekend... but every melt down he wants Daddy, doesn't like the rules, he wants Daddy, has friends over, he wants Daddy... part of the issue is he spent a few days at the farm (Tuesday is Grandma Date Day and Em and an appointment yesterday) and he's used to the guys being in the shop, however they moved to the fields this week, so it's an adjustment for sure and Daddy is home a lot later now as well. Hopefully next week will be better! This week is all about sass and more sass!!        
 Em got her new ear mould yesterday! Crazy how much her ear has changed since we started! I expected it to grow but it has changed shape too!        
 Last night we put in our gate in the back of the yard, so now all the neighbour kids can play together without having to go around the block! Okay, it's for us adults too - and the dogs! It's like a dog park! Although Miss Maggie has her limp back bad today after playing last night. She dug in the same hole to start the pain back up again, we had a full day of no limping on Tuesday... so we are going to wash her nails out again and keep an eye on her. Hopefully it's nothing serious.  
       I thought bringing in this table for the kids to play at was a great idea... except it's becoming more of a jungle gym than anything else with Miss Em. Noah will sit and play at it. I'm trying to stay consistent with the no climbing it rule.  
  This weekend we have M's birthday but no big plans! 

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