Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Darian Lake/ Luke Bryan

A few weekends ago we took a one night getaway to Darian Lake.    
 Mike took the day off work on Friday and our plan was to leave by 8 AM, however Em ended up sleeping past 8, so leaving by 9, became the new goal, which we did! We had the longest wait at the border, in which we learned we could teach Noah to pee in a cup... and Em managed to have a 15 minute nap - that's it!!  
 We made it to the hotel by 2:00 and luckily I was ready! I just had to change my shirt! So we checked in and then hit up the amusement park with a very tired little girl and an excited little boy. My sister and her family were there as well. We did a few rides before the I had to meet my sister for the Luke Bryan concert. 

 We decided on VIP tickets this time, since it was our only concert this year. Well it was simply amazing. Aside from waiting in the wrong the line ups, we finally ended up where we needed to be. With VIP it gave us swag and a private concert.     

We had these shirts made:
 We got front row for the VIP concert and it was simply amazing!! I almost got an autograph! 


We had second row seating for the concert which was awesome as well!! We missed the first opener, but did get to see Brett Eldridge! 

And while we were at the concert, the boys and kids were off having fun of their own. I loved getting videos of them on rides and wasn't slightly jealous I wasn't with them. I pretty much wished I could be in both spots.... haha Both the kids seemed to really enjoy the rides!

After doing the rides in the kiddy area they went swimming back at the hotel and then hit up supper!! Em was fading fast... 

She didn't make it back awake. 

Both kids slept well in the hotel room which was good to see, because you just never know! 

 Saturday morning we had a quick breakfast before we packed up and hit the park up to do the Ferris wheel and a few more rides. It just wasn't warm enough to use the water park.



We left around 11 AM, hit up lunch and then TJ Max on the way home, we pushed our luck there and didn't make it to Target, as both kids were exhausted.

But I bought 2 pairs of jeans, we let the kids pick out a toy each... Em tried to convince us to take home this ginormous ugly lion, but we convinced her a giant teddy was a better idea? Apparently she is goes big when you let her pick. Noah had a very tough and rather humorous decision to make between a tractor and bruder dump truck/excavator. He ended up going with the Bruder, but was second guessing his decision. But he sure was excited to play with it when we got home. I also found Em's bedroom bedding. I'm in love with it: 

Part of me wants to kick her out of her crib just so I can do her room all up!! 

Sunday we had a much needed low key day. 

We hit up Home Depot to get some project supplies, they had long naps, we had a little swim and a little bike ride and off to bed. 

Overall it was an awesome weekend getaway. We all had fun and it has pretty much inspired us to do family adventures monthly!! Although September got 2 with Storybook Gardens and Brantford Zoo!! 

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Hilary said...

A 3 year old peeing in a cup? That's the stuff my nightmares are made of, lol. But hey, good for him!!! :-D


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