Monday, September 25, 2017

Noah's Weekend Away

Again, a weekend behind... I will hope to get caught up this week!! 
 Last weekend Noah went to the lake for the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa. He wasn't too sure of the idea at first, but once they showed up he perked up!!     
 As hard as it is to let him go, I know he was going to have a blast and that Grandma and Grandpa were just as excited as he was. Turned out to be a perfect weekend weather-wise!             
 Em was pretty grumpy with teething, but just like her brother, lying in Mom's bed made her happy. 
With Noah away, we decided to do the bedroom floors while he was gone, so we got started Friday shortly after her left!            
 It was a beautiful night, so I had invited over some friends for a bonfire, it quickly turned into a girls night. M took it in good humour, dressed himself up in dress shirt, pants and shoes, and made drinks and shots for us ladies all night - completely surprising me!!

It was a fun night, that ran early into the morning! But I did manage to sleep in on Saturday before we got started on the floors again!!  

 We worked away at the floors all while enjoying some one on one time with Miss Em!! While I was in the shower and Daddy was "watching" Em... this is the image I received on my phone.. 

Too funny!! 

 We loved getting updates on Noah!! Crazy how much we missed his crazy personality! 


 We managed to get the whole bedroom done and half of the walk in closet! 
Sunday morning we decided to go down to the lake and take advantage of another beautiful day!! We left a little later than planned, but it was super foggy at the lake, so it worked out fine. We loaded up the boat and were off for the day on the lake! It was a perfect day on the water! 
Heck even the dogs had fun! We taught Maggie how to climb the boat ladder,  but we are still working on teaching her how to jump in.     

Both kids napped well on the boat, including Daddy!! 

Overall, this guy had a fantastic weekend away!!! 

And apparently after separating the kids for the weekend, it made them closer because come Monday and Tuesday, they were the best of friends, with no typical sibling behaviour haha. 

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Glad Noah had a good weekend away!! And it does make them like each other - Chloe gives A a huge hug when she is not at dayhome for preschool and I bring her back lol.


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