Friday, June 15, 2012

Finish Up Friday

Wow, What a Thursday I had yesterday. It was pretty much a day of waiting around!
But I made it through!

I had an appointment in London for an oil change for the truck and to get it checked over before we drive it out west. My appointment was at 10 AM. I arrived and they told me they were short staffed and that it would take longer.

So what is a girl to do? Get a ride to the mall? I think so! Although the mall that I went to was crappy, I still managed to make out with a few things!

Like this:

 1/2 off!! Ok!!!

I also got a wedding shower gift, 3 pairs of Capri's, 2 tanks and 2 dog toys!

I ended up calling my Mom to see if she wanted to meet me for lunch, which she did of course! So we had lunch at East Side's. Now I have lunch for today too!!

I went back to the dealership, in hopes that the truck was done, which is was not and waited around for almost 2 more hours. I have decided to skip out reading The Vow... I have just got bored of it. I took on several people's advice and have started 50 Shades Of Gray. We will see how it goes.

Once I got back to town, I had to stop in town and pick up my prescription and then headed home.

 I found hubby resting in the tent on the newly inflated "airbed". I have forgotten how small a queen is! We are spoiled with a king!

Looks like we are supposed to be spoiled with another HOT weekend!! And as I look at the forecast, it is supposed to be HOT all next week too!!

Wednesday night we mercied the team we played!! 18 - 0!! We were trying to give them a run in, but it did not happen!

This pretty much finishes up my week!

M has ball tonight, I am hoping for another win. He is in a golf tournament Saturday and we are hopefully heading back down to the lake on Sunday!!

Happy Weekend Friends!!


J and A said...

Nice loot you got at the mall!! whoo hoo! And I want a HOT weekend!! I am sick of rain!!! :( Good luck at ball!

Laura Darling said...

Bummer that your car took so long, but at least you got to do some fun things while you waited!


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