Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's Up Wednesday?

Typical Wednesday is coming your way today!

I have soo many things that I am loving!!

A big part would be planning our trip! We are super pumped!! I spent yesterday tying up loose ends for the trip, although that is far from finished! We have never travelled out of Province with the dogs, yet alone out of Canada, so I need to make sure I have all of the dogs papers in order for them to cross. They are pretty pumped!

M and I decided to set up the "taj-ma-hal" (tent) last night.We have had it for 5 years and have never used it! I'm sure we will finally get good use out of this wedding gift now! It only took us 30 minutes on our first attempt of setting it up! I thought that was pretty good! Although it is a 3 bedroom tent... we didn't put up any walls! We are borrowing one of those pop up beds and we should get that tonight. So we can see how it will all fit. The dogs came in the tent last night and then sat outside of it when we went in the house. They had the look of "I thought we were camping" on their faces! Too cute! I cannot wait!! 

We have started to make a list of things we need to buy and things we need to take! Sooo pumped!

I am loving this "Words With Friends" game. Anyone playing?

I am loving my hubby, of course, but he does constantly make me laugh. Can't believe our 5 years is coming up in July!!

Pinned Image

I love this hair do:

I had it in Grade 8 - the magazine is that old! However I think I might chop my hair like it again! I LOVED it! I always had soo much I could do with it!

Not to mention SMG always had awesome hair!

I also love my new Nike Solarsoft Thong sandals! My feet are super picky and they are light and comfy!!

Happy Wednesday Friends!!


J and A said...

Cruz loves or tent I hope Grace and Lily do too! That's awesome you are getting everything ready! Hey you should book a session with Whitney while you are here!!!

Rebekah said...

Oh my goodness now that is the kind of tent we need! Dylan has his tent that he used when he would go camping alone and it's just not ideal for both of us and the dog.

Life With Lauren said...

love the end of life pin!

Jessica said...

Used to love YM magazine!!!

Kae said...

AHHH! I love that tent! love love it!
Hope you have a great time seeing AJ :)

JKT said...

Nike makes THE BEST flip flops :) I haven't tried those but I just may have too since they look so much slimmer than the ones I have right now.

Leigh said...

That is quite the tent! Funny that you got it for your wedding and have yet to use it. Harley likes to pace in our tent, but once they get used to the tent, they'll be fine :)

Tiffany said...

Visiting from WILW! Oh my gosh--your blog header photo with the feet is precious! I love it!



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