Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Oh Emily....

Last night we had our typical girl's night and everyone attended!! It was awesome!! Except I am pretty sure that Emily has a run for money with Baby T. We were a little more interested in her!! Soo I have re-watched the episode and there are too many things to comment on. Here are my thoughts in bullet form:
  • Not sure how I really feel about Doug, I mean he is HOT and that counts for something, and he seems sincere, but I feel like there is something missing with him.
  • How is Emily's daughter going to be out of school for this long? Are they paying for a educational assistant to teach her the schooling she is missing?
  • The boat races freaked me out... I would not want to be on a boat on its side, just sayin'.
  • How many times did Jef say "like". It was uber annoying. And I don't care for him. I thought their time together was awkward.
  • I used to like Ryan, but now I just find him to be obnoxious and rude! The things he says and his "flirting". He is very stuck on the outward beauty instead of what matters the most.
  • Arie - I LOVE him!! They should just stop the filming everyone else and just film Emily and Arie!
  • This whole Chris and Doug thing is stupid. Which may be part of the reason I don't love Doug. Doug shouldn't judge who is ready or not ready to be a Dad, just because he is one!
  • Chris irritates me more though.
  • 2 on 1 date was super awkward as well! Emily says "cool" a lot.
  • Award ceremony:
    • Jef's socks? What the heck?
    • Didn't love the one piece pant suit Emily wore. I also didn't love her hair piece.
    • Ryan needs to go. The more I see of him, the more I don't like!
    • I really like Sean too. He ranks 2nd on my list, with Arie being first!
    • Why the heck is she keeping Kalon?
    • I was surprised to see Charlie go home, although I guess the chemistry just wasn't there.
  • Next week looks pretty interesting!!
What are your thoughts on last night's episode?


Meg {henninglove} said...

Yes that 2 on 1 date was incredibly awkward. Ryan needs to go I agree along with Doug, they are the biggest tools on the show. Sean is my top favorite right now. I was surprised Charlie went home as well, I thought he was sticking around a little bit longer

Jenn said...

I agree with "like" everything you've said in here. I thought her pantsuit was alright.
I despise Ryan...Chris annoyed the crap outta me this episode.
I love Arie and Sean as well!

J and A said...

Yes Ryan needs to go for sure. Boo to him. And I also disliked her romper and hair. yuk. Arie is my fav.

The Whitfields said...

Just came across your blog! Your goldens are so pretty! I have 2 myself. I think the whole season is boring. Doug & Sean are my favorite but Doug was acting so odd before the date. Something was off!

Lucy McCracken said...

Great re-cap on last night's episode :) I'm a little excited to see next week's episode as well. wow Emily cursing... I've got to see that and offcourse find out who calle dlittle Rikki baggage. I'm not really crazy about any of the guys. Which is weird because normally I'll like at least one, maybe the race car driver, but ene then that's stretching it. I actually think Brad was so much better looking and had a better personality then any of them. i do wish it could have worked out between them. : I really like your blog, I've just joined it :)

Katie said...

Haha-- great recap. Quick and to the point! I agree about Doug-- who does he think he is saying anything about Chris-- he doesn't know that guy at all. I'm SO over Ryan.

Leigh said...

I agree with you about Ryan....man, he's a hot man but so stuck up and thinks he's too hot for his own good. I like Arie too...he just looks so happy when he's with her and same with her. I didn't like her one piece outfit or hair either....she's so pretty and that did nothing for her!


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