Friday, November 9, 2012

Free For All Friday

Yup, another random post for you all!!

- I am loving my new iPhone back ground!!!

- I am also loving that it is supposed to warmish on the weekend here!! After reading everyone's posts about the snow, it might be a good time to get the yard finished for the winter clean up!! The patio furniture is away, but the dogs got a new pool and it is still out and I need to cut back my grasses and what not still! Oh and M might as well cut the grass for the last time!

- I am also loving the new site Alison told me about: Go Jane!! I love sales and they have cheap boots!! Score!! I may just need to order me some!!

- But I might have to wait because M might take away my credit card after he sees the shopping I have done... I may have purchased a new winter coat, a new vest, a new shirt. But little does he know I also snuck in a new sweat shirt for him and depending on his reaction, I may wait to give it to him for Christmas!!

- I swear I have been on the phone all morning today at work and have gotten no where with stupid tech support. Although with the last call we discovered another problem? I don't think that counts as progress!!

- Hmmm what else have I got?

- Oh I probably shouldn't even post about this, but I am totally going to... I am pretty sure my family should be banned off of facebook... one post made by a cousin turned into soo much more... I would like for this to be the end of the topic, but we all know it won't be and that conversations regarding how much this was all blown out of proportion will now exist at all family get togethers. I am still laughing about how dramatic this has been.

- I pray for strength, patience, positives for the upcoming days/weeks.


J and A said...

YAY for shopping!! :) Cute background!! Sending you lots of good vibes and strength. You already are such a strong lady!! Have a great weekend!!!

Amanda said...

glad you found a fun new shopping site. And I love your last random part of the positive part :) It's a good mantra!


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