Tuesday, November 6, 2012

That Was My Weekend

Well another weekend, including a Monday has came and went!!! Our weekend was pretty relaxing for the most part.

We were up early on Saturday, managed to get some birthday wrapping paper supplies. I stocked right up!! We should be good for a while!!

I went to some craft sales with M's Mom while M was pulling out a tree stump for someone. I managed to find myself a new scarf that I love love love:

I also bought a large roll of thick mesh ribbon in black and silver!

We had K's 1st Birthday Party on Saturday afternoon. Can't believe a year has gone on by!

We had ribs for dinner and then I played Dr. Mario on the Wii against my sister for the evening! I love that the wii allows us to play against each other!!

Sunday we enjoyed the time change and slept in a bit. We dropped the dogs off at the farm, and went into town and grabbed groceries and also tried out a new sandwich place in town. It was delicious!! will definitely be going back!!

We came home, put the groceries away, folded laundry and vacuumed and washed all the floors!! I love my new mop!!! It makes life soo easy and I love that I can make my own cleaner!!

We headed to the farm for some family time, played a new game, which I will get more info on because it was awesome and made out of wood!!! It is officially on our Christmas list!!

We had a nice roast beef dinner and apple crisp dessert! Yum!!

Yesterday I finished editing another photo session, hoping to tackle the next one today!!

I also got our 5 year anniversary book in the mail. I ordered from Photobook Canada and in all honesty, I love shutterfly waaay more!!! I wasn't overly impressed with the book. In fact on of the pictures had lines on it, so I have contacted them to see what they are willing to do about this!

Last night we enjoyed girls nights with all of us girls in attendance which rarely happens anymore!

My blanket that I am crocheting is over 50% done!! I can feel that the end is near and in all honesty it is exciting me and I more than ever just want to finish it!! I have used up one ball of yarn so far! I don't think I will be needing 3, maybe one and half!


reccewife said...

my last book was from shutterfly too, I love them!

J and A said...

Cute scarf! Where from? That's odd about your book, I actually think the photobook canada ones are better quality compared to my shutterfly one, even though shutterfly is way easier to use!

Leigh said...

Sounds like a great weekend :)

Leslie said...

Love the scarf! Where did you get it from?
I have never made a photo book although I keep meaning too. Are they easy?


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