Monday, November 12, 2012

A Weekend of Shopping

Remember Friday when I said I had bought a new coat, vest, shirt, etc. And then how I had heard about Go Jane?  I couldn't help but to buy some boots. Yes, some as in TWO pairs!!

I couldn't beat the prices here in Canada!! Soo bring on the shipping!!!
I am now just about ready for winter!!
My blanket is just about finished!!!
Friends of ours had their baby on Friday, we managed to meet the new little guy yesterday.
I purchased some rolo ice cream, only to sit down and enjoy the caramel goodness and it was the peanut butter one... let down!
As nice as our weather was this weekend, heck even this morning, but it is quickly turning! It is raining and the temp is dropping rapidly!!
Now that November 11 has past I am now looking forward to Christmas!!


J and A said...

Love the boots!!! Nice choice. Awe I love that name. :)

Kae Schumacher said...

I want boots like this :)


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