Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So What!?

Because this is how my week is going...

So What Wednesday

So what if:

- I am kind of over this whole American election - bring back my TV shows already!! Not all of us are American you know!?

- I decided to play Dr. Mario with my sister via the Wii wifi and she kicked my ass, not once, but 10 times!! I was clearly off my game and did not win once!!

- I went to get blood work done to check on my thyroid and I am soo awesome I got 2 needles instead of one! She put it in my left arm and nothing came out at all!! Not a drop!! Luckily the right arm co-operated! Luckily my levels are much more appropriate!!

- I feel offended seeing Christmas decor up already!! Wait until after Remembrance Day! Show some respect!!

- a squirrel got hit by the car in front of me and then rolled under my tire making me hit it as well! I am sure I put it out of it's misery... but it just makes me sad!

- I am the worst Mom EVER!! I thought I would make the dogs days, I went out and bought new nail clippers and decided to give the dogs mani's/pedi's. I cut not ONE but TWO of Gracie's nails too short and they bled! Bled like crazy - almost unstoppable! Poor girl! I am surprised she trusted me around her feet to make them stop! Then I thought I had it stopped for good, until she licked the baby powder off!! What a mess!! Then M bathed her and the one opened back up again! Not cool! I think it will be a while before I cut her toe nails again!

- I actually had to scrap the ice off my car for the first time this season! I could have sat in the car and waited for the defrost to do it, but I was cold!

- I saw my neighbour cleaning her window this morning and she was wearing a white one piece suit and goggles. It was like a science project happening in front of my eyes!!

- I had to miss out on Zumba last night and could hear the music and just knew what I was missing out on... it was kind of depressing!

- I was driving to work this morning and had thought up a bunch of so what topics and now forget them! UGH!!

- I cannot even see the wood of my desk because it is covered in paper - work I should be doing - work I am going to do now!!

Have a good day!!


Shannon Dew said...

Amen to the election being over! Parenthood hasn't been on in 2 weeks and I'm DYING!!!

J and A said...

Poor Gracie, we quit doing it ourselves!! Cruz would get so worked up and J hated it!!! Boo to needles. I hate them. But glad you could see positives. :)

Victoria said...

Love the election comment! It's so true! I hate that they take away all the shows!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Thank goodness the election is over. I am American and I was ready too! :)
I'm sorry about your pup! I hear if you put cornstarch in the quick (the part that bleeds when you cut dogs' nails) it stops the bleeding fast!
I have never tried cutting nails...I'm too much of a chicken!


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