Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday & Tid Bits

Another day with an early start, but a good start!!

Today I got caught up on Parenthood - seriously, this show is soo relatable and literally makes me cry every show!! Maybe I am an emotional mess and just hate to see people go through things, but emotions seem soo real on the show!

Watched Teen Mom - why!? Why do I watch this? Anyone have a logical answer for why I torture myself with this!?

Did some more shopping on the phone with my sister. Last night she bought M a Christmas gift for me and 5 packages of burlap for $1!!! She also bought me some wood letters! The Wal-Mart where she lives is closing and is having a sale!!

Then tonight she found me fabric - fat quarters for $1!! Score!!

Today I ordered myself some Dairy Queen blizzard cupcakes!! Bring on Friday!!

Brandon also wanted to share his shirt on my blog:

In case you can`t read the writing around the lightening bolt, but it says ``My Auntie is Awesome``.


Rachel and John said...

Aww yay for that cute shirt!!!

J and A said...

Love that shirt. Phone shopping!? Awesome!! DQ cupcakes!! Yum.

Leigh said...

Is it strange that I've never heard of a Wal-Mart closing before? I never knew they actually closed down! I might have to check mine for some burlap. Was it in the craft section?

Leslie said...

DQ cupcakes??!! I have never had these but something tells me I need to.


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