Tuesday, February 4, 2014

34 Weeks

How Far Along:
34 weeks - January 26 - Feb 1, 2014
Size Of Baby?

I am pretty sure baby has already been compared to a squash... Some apps refer to the baby as a cantaloupe. Crazy to think I might have a 6 pounder in my belly, knowing my baby is measuring ahead.

Baby is capable of urinating up to a pint a day! No wonder I am running to the bathroom soo often! (if it only worked that way). Baby's protective coat (vernix) is getting thicker as the baby begins to shed more hair. Baby is also practicing breathing more and more as the lungs get stronger!

Maternity Clothes?
It is getting harder and harder to find non-maternity options in my closet.
I will be honest when I say after looking at the new spring fashion at old navy, I'm excited to get back into regular clothes after this baby. That fashion line just might motivate me a little more to bounce back into shape!! Love the nautical looks coming, even for the baby!! 

I will be honest, I relied on lounge clothes for the most part this week!! 

Stretch Marks?
Still just a small one, but nothing really noticeable.
Team Green!

What the Doctor Had To Say:
He is happy with how my blood pressure is responding!! No protein in my urine. I get a week off next week and will go back on the 12th, will see the anesethiologist, have another ultrasound (to make sure the new dosage isn't effecting the baby) and then follow up with him. Our goal is to make it to the first week of March (39 weeks) assuming we don't have anymore bumps in the road and if the baby hasn't come on his/her own by then, he will induce us at that point. So we just have to make it to March 1st!! 

He did confirm that the baby has dropped and that is why I am feeling more pressure, as well as more B&H contractions. He also did some blood work to check my thyroid levels. 
I'm sure this is not about to get any better, but only worse. I am waking more often to either turn, use the bathroom, or my ankle will wake me.

A new all time high for bathroom breaks during the overnight hours - 5! Ya I'm sure I only slept maybe 3 hours that night between contractions, pressure and bathroom breaks.

Friday night I had some waking contractions that were pretty intense and lasted longer than any I have had yet.

Baby Purchases This Week:
Mama-roo came in this week! We have one happy Daddy. I think we will call ours the Dadda-roo.

Dowel for the mobile and a tension rod for the wardrobe. 

Wipes! I realized I hadn't bought any when I went to pack the diaper bag! 

Picture frames for the gallery wall. I still have to paint them though!

Made this Week:
Not really made, but some nursery progress: 
- wall shelves are hung
- paint is touched up
- rod is in the wardrobe so I can hang things now. 
- curtain tie backs are up
-laundry is all put away 


Got some sewing done!! 
Made a change pad for the diaper bag: 

2 change pad sheets for the pack and play: 

Made a few burp clothes to get me by until the baby is here and I can gender specify my options.

Worked on the mobile by sewing on embellishments and eye balls. It is pretty annoying to do, but I will be happy when it's done! Then we just have to cut and paint the dowel. 

My dad has offered to take over the growth board. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out!! 

Orange juice is now starting to give me heartburn. I'm not sure what I will drink in the morning now!
Apple pie - yum! 
Baby has been super active lately, especially in the morning and evening. 

Overall pretty good!! It feels crazy to have all this baby stuff all around the house now, but we are trying to get the pets acquainted with all the baby stuff and to teach the cats it is not for them! So far, so good!

I feel like the baby has dropped this week! My belly looks different now too and reflux is letting up a bit, although now I am getting more heartburn - which is still better than reflux! 
The Home Depot lady told me she hopes I don't have to walk around for too long this low. I told her hopefully a month and she wished me luck with that. 
I am tiring a little easier and have worked hard at napping during the day. I'm sure it's because I'm not sleeping over night very well. 

I built the pack and play. That was rather frustrating, but now that it is up, it is not coming down! It will also give me a place to store some diapers!

Seeing more progress in the nursery! Little touches are starting to go up and I could seriously just sit up there. My new happy place. 

Belly Button?
Wedding Rings?
Off. With seeing my feet swell and knowing my risks for pre-eclampsia, I am just going to play it safe and keep them off! I do miss them though!

Best Moment of the Week?
Seeing the nursery come together!! The littlest things are just making the room all that more special. Like seeing my grandmas teddy bear on a shelf, just warms my heart.

Crazy Pregnancy Moment:
Mike telling me that he is shutting off the water in the house because he was working on plumbing in the bathroom and to go pee while I can. So I did. An hour and a half later I had to pee again, but didn't want to interrupt him, so I waited 30 more minutes and finally asked him how much longer. He laughed at me and told me he actually didn't end up shutting it off... I was less than impressed!! With the baby sitting soo low, there is a lot more pressure down there if you know what I mean. 
Bump Pic:


Looking Forward To:
The bathroom reno being done!! Not that we are that close to it being finished, but knowing it's coming is pretty exciting, along with all the small nursery projects on the go. 


Lindsay said...

YOU ARE ALMOST THERE!! Eek! Less then a month and you could have a beautiful babe in your arms!! Hope your last weeks are as comfy as possible! xo

Kristin said...

SO CLOSE! I can't wait to see the nursery!

Kae said...

ahhh so close! love those jeans with the floral print friend!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

You look so good and I definitely think you have dropped also.

You are making so much progress each week- I love all the burp cloths you made. I'm wishing I had a sewing machine right now as I attempt to hand sew a few things! They aren't looking pretty!!

So happy to hear your BP is good and there aren't any concerns!

J and A said...

Love those floral pants. Glad everything is going smooth now!! Enjoy mat pics!! Xo

Hilary said...

We're lacking in the wipes department, too. I've tried to pick them up every time I run to Wal-Mart because the refills are only like $1, but I still think we only have six packs or so.


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