Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Friday night was pretty laid back for me, I got caught up on my PVR and M poked away at the bathroom. Our contractor came over and helped Mike figure a few things out. Mike took the dogs for a walk since the weather was super mild, they were able to go for a decent one. I miss being able to walk with them - if my damn ankle would hurry up and heal. It is coming along, just not as quickly as I would like.

Saturday M was up early and off to town for supplies. We thought we had everything we needed, but A (our contractor) suggested levelling the floor, so M needed some concrete. I started the morning off with a shower first thing, since I knew chances were the water was going to get shut off. I also put on a load of laundry. 

M got back and went straight to work in the bathroom. We actually ended up finding an outside wall from the original house:

It is kind of neat to see the history behind the house. Our house would have been soo small back in the 1800's. M worked hard in the bathroom all day and A ended up coming over to help him level up the walls and floor, which was nice. I feel bad that I am not able to help M with much during this project! 

But while he was busy with that, I decided to crack down on the sewing, I made 7 burp cloths, which I know I will want more, but I figure I will make gender specific ones after the baby is born. I also made some clothing repairs while I was at it! 

I packed a few more things in my hospital bag, folded laundry, and then worked on the mobile sewing on embellishments and eyeballs.

We did end up getting dumped on with heavy wet snow and a lot of it, so after dinner M went and got the big snow blower from the farm, did ours, as well as a few people in the village. 

I folded more laundry and worked on crocheting while watching some movies on the tv for the evening.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day for me. I had full intentions of doing more, time just seemed to slip away! M was up early with a medical call, then came home and made waffles for breakfast! 

Turns out we needed more concrete to level the floor under the tub, so he was back into town as soon the store opened! 

I did manage to pick a paint color for the bathroom! So I will just have the pendant lighting choice up next. Here is the paint swatch with the tile and floor:

It's called Studio Taupe. 

I did get some more laundry done, packed a few more things in my hospital bag and then worked on the mobile. I just have the owls left to do. 

M put up the wall for the shelf beside the shower, insulated the wall, moved the plumbing for the tub, and poured the rest of the concrete. The tub should go in Monday and then the drywall can go up and our contractor can come in and tile! 

I had plans on painting the picture frames for the gallery wall in the nursery, but that will have to get done this week!

M agreed to having finger foods for dinner  - I may have pulled the "it's Super Bowl Sunday" card, but it worked- even if I was the only one to watch it! Not that it was much to watch as a Denver fan, so I switched over to the other train wreck of a show - The Kardashians and folded laundry. I went to bed early, sure I was coming down with a cold. 

The tub went in on Monday, just as planned. My Dad came over to help with that part, also took the growth board and paint with him to get going on it.

 I tidied up the house as best as I could in the middle of a renovation and Nicole stopped over with a gift for the baby!! 

Tuesday dry wall went up around the tub and we are all set for A to come in and prep the walls for tiling!

We changed the great room furniture around a little bit and then finally had a relaxing evening!! The dogs were pretty excited that M brought home his BIG boots - which meant they were headed to the park where the deep snow was!

This morning we braved the snow storm and had our maternity pictures taken!! I cannot wait to see how they turn out!!! It definitely is a mess out there now! I'm more than sure that our photographer got some great shots!!

So now I am spending the afternoon thawing out! Brrrr...

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J and A said...

Looks like a huge job!! You guys are brave!! :)

Hilary said...

Was the Kardashians new?? I forgot to record it, thinking that it wouldn't be new because of the Super Bowl.


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