Thursday, February 13, 2014

OB Appointment Turned Triage Excitement

Our appointment yesterday went far from as planned as could be. We went from walking into our appointment happy go lucky, to finding out we could be having the baby yesterday. Clearly, since I am posting this, baby did not end up coming yesterday, however baby will be coming in the very near future. Let's start from the beginning shall we?

We had an ultrasound, which took a little longer, as they were doing a growth scan, biophysical profile and placenta check. Baby passed the biophysical with an 8/8, but took a while to do so, because baby was pretty lazy and didn't feel like moving too much! But we got it done and the baby passed! Baby is still measuring ahead, still head down and is weighing around 7 pounds. We got some more pictures of our sweet baby, including a face shot of the nose and lips! Soo precious!!

As I have mentioned previously, I have been having blood pressure issues since 25 weeks. I was put on medication and all was working well until 32-33 weeks, when I ended up having to increase my meds because my BP was starting to climb again. Then comes along 36 weeks... I had started to notice spiking at home, headaches were starting again, so I mentioned it to my OB yesterday. Upon arriving my blood pressure was 147/97, this was the range I was getting at home with a few higher number at times as well. I also had a trace of protein in my urine again.

After some discussions, he informed me that "my wheels are falling off my wagon" and that this baby is coming sooner than later. I think M and I looked like deer in headlights when he started talking about delivering that day or the next few days. He informed us that our goal of making to 39 weeks isn't realistic anymore and that March isn't even on the board either. He was now talking this week or next, playing it day by day. He discussed admitting me for high blood pressure, but figured if he was going to do that, he may as well just induce us, we are far enough along, the baby is healthy and a good size.  We had a few options, but it all depended on what my blood work and monitoring revealed

I needed to go and get blood work done and head right to triage instead of going home. My blood pressure wasn't much better in triage. They hooked the baby up to a non-stress test, to which at that point the baby was not co-operative as far as kicking/moving went, however in the waiting room, baby was going crazy... I was on the monitor for at least 1.5 hours and was finally able to be taken off after moving around to get baby kicking.

 The residents came in, discussed possible induction for that day or this week even, to which M and I weren't to keen on, but obviously we want to do what is best. I had a few savings grace which aided in allowing us to come home for the time being. My blood work was good, no indication of stress on my liver/kidneys, counts were good, no issues there at this time. The non-stress test was fine, cant say great, because the baby didn't want to co-operate, but there were no heart rate concerns or anything serious, just baby was maybe napping. They noted a few contractions on the monitor, but nothing serious as far as that goes either. They were reluctant to discharge me from triage with my blood pressure that had spiked up to 155/103. So they called my OB, who wanted to see me before I left and sent me up to his care to make the final call.

He looked at the whole picture, since my blood work came back fine, my body wasn't showing stress aside from blood pressure, baby seems happy and content, he was willing to increase my medication, with hopes it would buy me another week, at which point it would be safer for the baby, and I would be considered term. He gave me strict instructions as far as coming back in within 24 hours if it doesn't go down, as well as strict guidelines on when to come back should it spike or even start to climb again. I also need to be aware of fetal movements to make sure baby is still moving around lots. So next week we talk induction dates, assuming we make it that far, but I wont be making it to March after all. 

Upon arriving home last night, baby was super active, just maybe needed to be in a familiar place, with familiar sounds. My blood pressure has come down, and we are just taking it easy day by day. Luckily I don't have much left to do, just a few things left to throw in my hospital bag, and get M's packed. M plans to install the car seat tomorrow. We enjoyed a nice dinner out upon discharge and were able to come up with as much of a game plan as possible. 

As much as we are ready for the baby, clearly the bathroom reno is still going down and is of concern to us, M is working really hard to have it done by Monday. But if it is not, we have a plan to just pack everything from the bathroom back into the bathroom, should Baby come before it's done and we can deal with it after. However he worked in the bathroom until 11:00pm last night and got all the drywall up, and hooked up the fan completely. Tonight he plans to mud the walls and pour some self-levelling concrete on the floor. Tomorrow night he will sand down the walls and re-mud if necessary with hopes that paint will go up on Saturday and flooring down on Sunday, vanity and lighting in on Monday. Clearly the finishing touches like trim, the mirror, etc can wait. The vanity will most likely not be hooked up completely, since we haven't found faucets we love yet, but it's not a big concern, I'd rather get what we want than settle because we are in a rush. As long as the messy parts are done, we are good! 

Assuming my blood pressure co-operates, I'm hoping to make the hashbrown casserole still and cookie dough for the freezer inbetween resting. Luckily they are all simple to make, however not the end of the world if I don't get around to it. I also plan on getting these thank you cards done and crocheting while relaxing. I'm happy the nursery is essentially done, just some frames to hang and hopefully we will be able to snap some pics up there this weekend. 


Murdock's mama said...

Yikes! So scary, but I'm glad things are going well. Exciting that you could go any day now though. I'm sure you're ecstatic to meet this little one! :) Take care of yourself mama!

Leigh said...

Oh man, you had quite the day yesterday! Glad everything is looking a bit better though and that baby is staying put for now.

Hilary said...

Oh man! What a day!! I'm glad you're home, with baby in the oven still. Hang in there, girlie!

Katie Jeanne said...

Oh man, what a day you had yesterday! I am glad everything is still looking okay and they let you come home to relax and get things done. Relax, take it easy, and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. God bless!

Lindsay said...

Wow! What a whirlwind! Your heads must have just been spinning! I know you both are going to work super hard on getting some things done accomplished before baby but make sure to order in some take out or something one evening, light some candles and have a "just the two of us" date night! Keeping you and baby in my thoughts and prayers this weekend! xo

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

I can't imagine the stress of the whole situation really helps with lowering your blood pressure!! But I am glad you will hopefully get another week to prepare and rest. February is a good month to have a baby (my birthday is in February :) ).

J and A said...

Sit your butt on the couch mama!!!! What a busy guy M is, good man! Do glad all is well with babe now just lay low and keep cooking that babe! Auntie Alison orders!! :)

Kristin said...

OMIGOSH girl! How scary and exciting at the same time! I am glad you and baby are healthy and doing good! You just focus on taking care of yourself (and getting that bathroom done!) I'm excited to hear the news that baby is here safe and sound!!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

What an eventful day! Gives me déjà vu of last Thursday except that we did have a baby after all.
Sounds like your OB is pretty attentive. I hope with rest you can keep your BP under control and baby V can hang out inside for a little while longer. Every day counts.


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