Friday, February 7, 2014

Facts on Friday

Another cold day out there, and imagine this, I was out of the house by 9:30 this morning just to go get some groceries!! Three stores later, I made it home by noon, needless to say with this baby that has dropped even more, I'm not moving the quickest. I also may have left some of the groceries in the car because I wasn't hauling them up a few stairs to get them in the house - especially knowing they are cans of sauces/beans and supplies for freezer meals I plan to make this weekend.

I did stop at Tim Hortons again and got another 6 pack, this time remembering what kind to get M and sure enough they screwed up my order and put in 2 of his, instead of one. Maybe she felt bad for him - but in all reality donuts are the one thing this baby wants right now. That and chocolate... It's soo bad, yet soo good. I've never enjoyed sweets like this before! I know I'll be paying for it later though! 

This cold weather is starting to take a toll on my dogs too. Poor Lily has dry skin on her elbow and sure enough it broke open yesterday leaving blood all over my carpet and her bed. Poor girl! We put some cream on it and that seemed to help, as well as some vet wrap, but she refuses to keep it on! Stubborn girl. And Gracie has a cut on her lip, which I think could be from chewing sticks, but her skin is most likely cracking easier too. Granted they still like the snow, just not this bitter cold. I don't like any of it! Our snow banks are higher than some street signs right now. 

Yesterday was a happy mail day!! The vanity came in!! Love it!! 
(Excuse the chaotic mess in the background... my nesting self is trying to ignore it)

I also got my first ever Zulily order in the mail!! 

The words are perfect and define what hope is for us. And bonus being that it matches the dining room pretty well!! 

I also got my Walmart order. I ordered a net for the bassinet, just incase the cats think they can use the bassinet with the baby. They haven't seemed interested yet, but I'd rather have one on hand to be safe! While I was ordering, I decided to get some heat spray for my hair. I had no idea people actually used this, but after having my hair done at the convention a few weeks ago, she told me I had split ends. Well as we all know I curl my hair often and this is most likely the problem. So I bought some heat spray to help protect my hair from heat damage, so I just spray it on before curling my hair now! 

I did get the baby mobile done, or at least my part... The rest should be done this weekend, along with the book shelves and the lamp, and hopefully the frames for the gallery wall. I didn't end up printing the pics for the frames today, because I forgot the ultrasound pictures! But that is easy enough! 

Apparently we shoud pick a winner of the Pink Blush Give Away?? 

Leigh wins!!!
 photo lovecorssfit_zps8c434288.png
Congrats Leigh!! I will forward on your info and they should contact you shortly!!  

This weekend tub surround should be tiled, hopefully M will finished installing the fan, he got half of it done last night before we went for wings with J&B. He should also be able to tackle a few other things in there. I'm also hoping the nursery will get FINISHED!! Can't wait to share it with you all!! 

I plan to make a few freezer meals of lasagna and chili this weekend. Although it just dawned on me I forgot the tin foil containers...

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 


Leigh said...

Aw poor dogs! This weather can leave any time :) So excited that I won! Thanks :)

J and A said...

Funny donut story! Luckily I have never been a donut fan! Yeah for Leigh! Excited to see the mobile done!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Busy day!! I love the vanity! So close to finishing the nursery!! Hope the dogs are ok- their cold dry weather is awful.

Mmmm donuts!

Hilary said...

Has anyone told you that cats are drawn to the milk smell on baby's breath and that you have to seriously watch them to make sure they don't smother the baby?! I hadn't heard that until the other day, but a coworker of mine mentioned it & my mom chimed in with "Yeah... I wasn't going to say anything." GREAT!!! My cat tried to hop up in the crib yesterday while I was in the nursery, and thankfully our pup wasn't having ANY of it and snapped at him. And here I was worried about her snapping at the baby, but it seems like she knows what's up! Our cat has been acting out so bad lately, I'm kind of worried!! He might be spending a LOT of time outside once the weather warms up.


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