Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August Long Weekend Rewind

What a fun weekend we had and we finally got some rain!! Things are finally starting to look a little greener around here!!

Friday my Dad and C arrived to spend the weekend. Noah was soo excited that they were here!! We had burgers for supper and enjoyed playing outside until Noah fell backwards into the dog water bowl outside... It was rather humorous, however he didn't feel that way whatsoever. 

Saturday morning we finally got rain, lots of rain!! It was a good thing, because we really needed it!! 

Dad and Noah played in the teepee for the morning and seemed to have fun doing that! 

When the rain stopped we went outside and tidied up the yard! My Aunt, cousin J and her daughter B arrived early, so B could nap before the party! The kids had a little dance party, enjoyed some lunch together and then played for a bit on the bouncy castle before heading in for nap. It's about that time that all hell broke lose... Noah had a melt down because his scab on his elbow started to come off and after his melt down was done, Briar backed into the freshly filled dog water bowl in the kitchen and was not happy about it at ALL!! Not to mention the kitchen was flooded. So we cleaned that all up and the focus became getting those two up to nap! 

After lunch J french braided my hair for me and then the rest of the family was starting to arrive!! The weather was perfect! We had a great time visiting with everyone, Noah had soo much fun playing with all his cousins! The bouncy castle was a huge hit! I actually remembered to bust out the bubble machine, although I didn't get a picture with the kids playing with it, but it was a big hit! We had horsee races in the yard with the kids! I will let the pictures I did manage to take to do the talking:




M smoked another brisket for this party and everyone brought potluck! We had a great supper!! 


We all sat on the pool deck and ate a delicious dinner!! 



And then it was time for cake for Briar's birthday and I'm pretty sure Noah thought they were singing to him... Cute nonetheless! 


The kids all stayed up late, everyone left around 8:45 PM and Noah was asking to be carried to bed! It didn't take long for him to fall asleep!! And it didn't take long for the rest of the house to follow suit!! 

Sunday morning we had pancakes for breakfast and then it was time for my Dad and C to leave! Noah conned Dad into one more "airplane" (plasma car) race and then it was time for them to go! Noah was pretty sad about that as you can see! 

M and I spent the morning discussing a big purchase and humming and hawing about whether or not to buy the kids a bouncy castle or not! We ended up justifying it on the premisis that we had not bought Noah any BIG toys and all our outside (and most of our inside stuff) is all hand me downs. 

So off to Brantford I went and I will say that I will be shopping there more often, especially since they are getting a Costco! They have soo many great stores, like Winners, HomeSense, Walmart, Toys R Us, a mall, Joe, and soo many more!! So I did hit up HomeSense and found some wire baskets for Emilya's room and it was a bonus that they were aqua and match the nursery! I also got Noah a stool for the kitchen that is super cute! 

I went to Toys R Us next and bought the bouncy castle on clearance, as well as a sleep sack for Em. I like that the castle we bought is good for up to age 9 and has a climbing wall and slide! It is super easy to take up and tear down and I am pretty sure we will get lots of use out of it! 

I had one more stop to Walmart and found a swim suit cover up and a shirt I liked, but no swim suit bottoms!! Mine are all too big! I also found the kids a new toy to share and they both really like it! Gotta love clearance sales!! 

Of course the weather was threatening a storm, but we quickly put up the new bouncy castle and gave it a try! Look at his face waiting patiently for it to blow up! He was soo excited!! 





I like that it's not something that is up everyday!! 


Monday rolled around and we decided to make a last minute trip to the Brantford Zoo! Noah loved it last year - hence the seasons pass, but this year I knew I would struggle to get him there often, so a family trip is just what we needed. Getting out of the house was hectic and I mean hectic, but we were going and to stop twice on the way, but we made it! 

Emilya slept through the whole thing... 


The deer were Noah's favorites this time:


And no, the deer didn't eat his hand like it looks!! He also loved the goats, Tigers and bears. 


Look at the baby turkeys!! 



We grabbed lunch on the way home and while Noah napped, this one was awake!! 


We worked in cleaning out and organizing the back shop! We also put together quite the collection of furniture to donate! Feels good to clear out!! 

That was our long weekend all summed up! Hope everyone had a great weekend too!! 

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

A bouncy castle!? FUN!! I want to get Avery a playhouse but Chad is against it and they go SO fast on kijji here.
I love going to the zoo, I want a seasons pass to the one close here once the girls are a bit older.
You guys had a great weekend and how has August long already come and gone?!


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