Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Weekend Rewind

It happened, we saw the white stuff for the first time this season! Noah was pretty excited, me not so much...But let's rewind all the way to Friday, when it was 20 degree and gorgeous out!!! We decided to take advantage of the weather and hit up a new park we found, just a shirt drive away.  It's a brand new park in a new subdivision and even with it being a PA Day, it wasn't too busy! It was an awesome park, only down fall was that it had no big trees yet! An added bonus was that Noah was able to see all the big machines working! It had a zip line, spinny seats, swings, a teeter totter, 2 different jungle gyms, a merry-go-round type of thing,  a rock wall, and monkey bars! Noah had a blast and Em really loved the swings:
After nap we pulled out the bouncy castle since it was 20 degrees and likely the last time to use it this year, and of course Noah had no complaints!!
M brought home dinner and then last minute we decided to check out Wondernite at the church. It's an awesome program the church puts on for the kids in the community, they do activities, sing songs, have dinner and play!! Noah had a blast!! They do this once a month, so we will likely go back to check it out for the full program next time! 
Saturday morning was gymnastics and apparently Noah lost his listening ears before we went... he participated, but job st wasn't listening the best. Let's just say we didn't find his ears for the rest of the weekend. But we still managed to have some fun anyways. After gymnastics, we braved Walmart with the kids, grabbed lunch and headed home! 
Noah has been really interested in the cats and Lux has been brave enough to visit in small spurts! 
We decided last minute to goto the Santa Claus parade in town, it was cold and snowing, but it was fun! Noah love it!! He was pretty excited to see Santa, but the little trucks were his favorite!! 
My phone died, so I had to use M's phone, hence the crummy quality. 
Noah refused to keep his mitts on, so he was not happy when it came time to get in the truck with his freezing hands... hard lesson t learn perhaps??
Sunday we went through Noah's toys, since my sister sent some hand me downs. We may be turning into a toy factory... we managed to make a box to donate and a box to hand down to his cousin, but we still have soo much and only more to come, so perhaps after Christmas we can do it again! 
I ran into town quickly to pick up a few gifts. It was such an unpleasant trip... I spent 30 minutes in a store choosing the perfect gifts and their debit was down, so I thought well I have a gift card I can use... nope that wouldn't work either. It's been down all morning and they don't know when it will be back. Well they could have put a sign up!! Then I went to Canadian Tire And a lady tore a strip off me for "driving too close" to her parked car... telling me I almost hit "her" car. Even after explaining I know my vehicle and reassuring her I was not going to hit her vehicle... "but you could have..." but I didn't and when she told me where to go AND how to get there...The part that ticked her off the most was when I smiled said "Thanks, Merry Christmas". 
She even had her boyfriend wait for me to come out of the store and then parked in front of my car to give me the finger... Then I watched a car almost hit an elderly lady crossing the parking lot because they couldn't wait for her to finish getting across. People are just soo rude this time of the year instead of joyful. This is why I shop online....
My Dad came over shortly after for dinner and to help me with making Emilya's growth board
Noah wanted to help, so we let him color while we painted. Well he wanted to look like Grandpa, so he drew his own beard and goatee...
What a kid...
The mostly finished product: 
We need to add some gold sparkles still! 
The fun didn't stop there... Mike's parents came for dinner as well!! Noah and M made apple crisp for dessert, which was delicious! 
Yes, Em stayed in her pjs ALL day! It was cold and snowy!! 
After we got the kids down, M ended up heading into Emerg because he kept getting major swelling on his hands and feet randomly for a week now and it was itchy. Turns out it is his body's way of fighting this virus we all have and they gave him some antibiotics. 
So it was a fun weekend nonetheless, but I am looking forward to decorating for Christmas this weekend!! 

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