Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Weekend Rewind

For a weekend that was supposed to be stormy everyday... it was beautiful!!! Couldn't ask for better weather!! 
 Friday night M invited K and J over with the kids for a swim before supper, we had a late supper and let the kids stay up a bit later while we did some work outside. M had ball on Thursday instead of Friday, so it was a nice change having him home. 
 Saturday morning we did decide to skip his last gymnastics class, and he didn't even miss it! But we were outside playing and swimming.

 I also managed to get the house tidied up a bit, as far as cleaning all the floors, dusting, etc. But I will be honest it is hard to get stuff done inside when it is soo nice outside!!  

 When the kids went down for a nap, I decided to run over to the pool store to pick up a solar blanket reel. While I was there I inquired about the gas heater they had sitting there and I am pretty sure, we are going to take the plunge! They are soo expensive, but we have gas back there already, it will lengthen our swimming season big time and allow us to use the pool everyday and overall just make the pool even more enjoyable! We are still researching it all, but the biggest issue we have with solar is that we have to run the pump in the day and hydro is actually pretty expensive here and we aren't getting the proper return back to the pool.  
Of course when I left the pool store, I managed to jam my finger soo stinking bad. Man it hurt! I managed to pull the skin off cuticle (the wrong way). I went back in the store for a bandaid, and then got on my way to get groceries. I guess there was a tornado warning out for us - not sure how I missed that, but it made grocery shopping a breeze with no line ups!! obviously there was no tornado for us either, but I guess one touched down about an hour away?   

 When I got home it was raining a bit and the kids had just woke up, but by the time we got the groceries in it had stopped and the kids were itching to get back outside! M wanted to get the reel set up, so after he finished that we all went swimming. 
We are lucky enough that the pool has been right around 80 with all this heat we have been getting.
 After the kids went to bed M ran back into town to pick up a life jacket for Emilya that someone was selling for $3! That was a steal and just the size we need now!! 
 Sunday was lake day! We have M his Father's Day gifts before we left, but main request was a lake day!!  The weather was hit and miss, and it really wasn't a great boating day with watches and warnings in pace, but we still made it fun. Grandpa and I took Noah to the beach to play for a bit before lunch. It looked like it was going to storm, but we managed to get a good play going and the water wasn't too bad. 

 I ended up talking myself out of my first ticket!! The parks people came around and I didn't pay the parking because we were only thee for such a short time and it was one rate of $14.50 for the day. When we stayed at the cottage, we never saw a parks person once, so figured my chances were good. Well there he was. I left Noah with Grandpa and went running over. Luckily he hadn't ticketed me yet, so after talking to him for a bit and explaining why we were there, he said no problem and let me off!! Success!!  
 We got back just in time for lunch and Emilya had just finished. The little Miss has a hard time making it to nap time without having a morning nap lately, but goes down for her nap much easier. So the goal was to nap both kiddos on the boat at the same time and we succeeded, although Noah was mostly asleep, he still needed Grandma to come cuddle him because it was "her" bed. 

 While the kids were napping, we took the dogs over to the beach. Technically you shouldn't have dogs on the beach, although people do, but since I had already pushed my luck with law that day, we went away down at the end where nobody goes. M found a small path that turned out to be quite swampy - disgusting, but after we got through that we were excited to send Maggie off on her first swim!!   

 It was a success! She loved it!! We figured she would and she did get a funny look on her face when she realized she had to swim, but it didn't hold her back!! And Gracie was loving the water again, which of course just melted my heart after seeing how depressed she was last year. She was fetching sticks again and playing. It was a nice little date.   
When we got back Em had just woken up, which meant short nap for her. M tried to get her back down, but it was a no-go. Noah at least had an ok nap!! 

We went for a boat ride before supper and everyone including the dogs enjoyed that. Just as we were about to sit down for supper it poured out, but it didn't last long at least. 

Their shirts were part of his Fathers Day gift!! 

 We left shortly after supper and managed to beat the rain home. Maggie was dry by the time we got home, as she stood hanging out of the back of the truck the whole time. We have her leashed for safety, because we just never know, but she definitely loves the wind in her face. We also had both kids awake the whole ride home!! Within 5 minutes of unloading the truck, it poured. So we really timed that right!!       

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I am struggling getting house work done these days too, I want to be outside and enjoying summer - not cleaning!
Is the lake close to you guys? We have a couple within 20 minutes and I love having them that close even.
I need to transition C into one nap too, I hate those transitions - so hard on them! Good job on naps at the same time, A is basically done napping right now.
You guys had a great weekend!


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