Monday, June 5, 2017

Last Week

Last week seriously flew by!!! Wow!!! So today I will not only recap last weekend, but the week as well. 

 Friday night M had baseball, I took Maggie for a quick walk and rolled my ankle on a stone in the new subdivision. I ended up having to have M come pick us up. So once I got Noah down (M put Emilya down before he left) I was couch bound with ice and elevation. Who has time for these kind of injuries???  
Saturday morning M did not have to work, so I slept in and it was soo nice! I don't remember the last sleep in I had! Noah had gymnastics - which he did pretty well with. We ran a few errands afterwards and came home for lunch and nap-time.

 It was after nap when the real fun began. It was pool opening day! Noah was eager to swim, but we decided to hand him the hose to help clean off the cover. We all knew it was going to get a little crazy now, so once they finished cleaning it, everyone was wet. We learned Maggie can't hold herself back from the hose and Noah can't help but to spray her or Mike.      
 It then became a giant slip and slide!! Noah doesn't quite get how slip and slide works. He can do it in the house on the floor no problem, but add water and a slippery surface... and the caution set in! It was too funny!! Maggie was all over this though. We are pretty sure we ended up putting a hole in the cover, but we can patch it. It was worth it either way!! There was no more grumpy pants about swimming after that!! Of course there is no pictures of this, because videos were way more exciting!!                   
 Saturday night I had some friends over for drinks before heading to the pub for karaoke!! I got braves and did my first solo - Better Man by Little Big Town. It's my jam! I also got to see this pretty lady, who pretty much made my night!!      

I didn't shut down the bar this time, but it was still a late night! 

Sunday morning I was able to sleep in again. We had breakfast and left a bit early to pick up a few things before swimming. We ended up at swimming early. Swimming went well for both kiddos. Miss Em was in a great mood all day!

 After nap we were back to yard work and playing outside!!             

I will quickly recap the week in bullet form:

- took the kids to London to a play group for hearing impaired children. It was fine, the kids had fun, but it wasn't all that different from the play groups we have here. They did talk about specifics with hearing loss, but I won't be rushing back anytime soon, because the drive is a bit much!! Keeping the kids awake on the way home was a bit chaotic, but it was filled with laughter nonetheless. 

We finished the day off with a play at the park and paying outside after supper. 

That's when I saw a baby kitten. I tried to catch it, but it was in the neighbours yard. Long story short, the mom and the rest of the babies have been caught, so I called the guy who has them and he set out live traps.


- we were supposed to have a new water heater installed (a tankless), however they did not have the right tool to go through our stone foundation, so they came, looked and rescheduled.

- this gave us the opportunity to go visit Daddy in the field. It became Noah's goal to go on every piece of machinery in the field and i
He did just that!! 


We left right before it started to rain and made it inside before it started to rain. 


- we had a quiet morning at home before heading to the library. 

- we went to the last library program for the summer. We sure will miss this program, but Noah's name did get drawn to win a book and how coincidental that it's about a black cat, just like the one missing that he is obsessed with. 

Unfortunately the kitten has not been found, but after talking to the guy with the mom and kittens, he has agreed to let Noah come see them all, so he can stop worrying about it. I wish I had better news to report back to him, but I also don't want to break his heart, so we will divert his attention to kittens with their mom instead. 


 The rest of the day was spent at home, in attempt to slow things down for the week, by this girl just doesn't slow down these days. She is a walking machine and is literally in explore mode:

- Oh and then there was that time Noah was playing at a neighbours, tripped over something and he must have jammed his finger somehow. Well it completely disabled him. He was not happy at all and asked me to cut it off. He even got me the nail clippers. Clearly it hurt and poor finger was black with bruising. 

 - Noah spent the day with Grandma, which you bet he loves. While Em had an appointment to finally get her 12 month vaccines - only a little late!! It's safe to say she HATED this appointment and I'm not sure that took a breath until we were back outside if the building. She was NOT a happy camper at all!   

- We had a few errands to run for my Dad's party, stopped at the grocery store and headed home for lunch and naptime!!

 This Thursday was not nearly as productive as the last week, but I did get banking done, tied up some lose ends, made some calls I needed to make, etc. But my house is a mess! - We had dinner at the farm. The kids enjoyed playing with each other and even went for a quad ride after supper. Noah found out we will be going in the Canada parade and he is ready for it now, so by the time the real parade comes, he will have his wave down and will be ready, but it might a long month counting it down!!   


Friday: - we stayed home for a low key day because the weekend was going to be crazy!! These two did enjoy paying outside for the majority of it! 

- Mr. Noah got a hair cut before bed too!! 

All right this weekly recap is wrapped up. I will be back with how this weekend went down. 

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