Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hot Weekend

The heat has finally arrived and it's been soo much fun!!! The pool is up and running and is officially in use!!! 

 Before M wet to ball on Friday night we put the solar cover on the pool and by Saturday afternoon we had it from 68 to 72 - a little too cold for me haha, but the kids all loved it. 

 Saturday morning Noah had gymnastics and well I am pretty sure that was the last class he will be doing. Technically we still have one more week, but this week it took all that was in me to not go and tear and strip off of his gym coach. Mike was ready to leave after the first 20 minutes. Why?? Because Noah was actually behaving, listening, participating, doing everything right and she literally ignored him blatantly. She would help every other kid, but when Noah's turn came up, she made him do it himself. He would talk to her and she would turn away. Part of me wants him to finish the class, but in all honesty if that's how she's going to treat him... I won't have him be made a fool of! He's the only 3 year old in his class and he behaves typical of a 3 year old in his first class without a parent. But to see him actually doing everything right, just to be ignored... that's not okay!!

 During naptime, M went to go help a friend dig out a pool, while I sat out in the sun. Our friends he was helping ended up coming over to swim and we did an impromptu pizza dinner.   It was fun, aside from captain teething pants, who was starting to get grumpy by the time bathtime approached!!

 She had fallen earlier that day and bruised her cheek, had a bloody lip and sure enough we found a top molar coming through. That explains why she's been off all week!! 

 M ended up going to the movies that night after the kids went down.  

 Sunday morning the kids had swimming and it will also be the last weekend of that. They technically have one more week as well, but with it being Fathers Day, as long as Noah passed his class, then we would go to the lake instead like we do every Father's Day! Well Noah passed, no problem, and enjoyed his last swimming lesson. We will start back up in the fall!! Em on the other hand wasn't the happiest, her tooth was really bugging her, but we pushed through. 

Sunday afternoon we invited some friends over for a swim, we got the pool up to 76!! Still a little chilly for me! It's safe to say, we are considering a gas heater!!

After swimming, the kids had fun playing outside before supper and then after supper we went for our walks.
 I look forward to the day Maggie can walk with the family, so we don't have to go separate. We are really working on her training this month. 

 So it was a low key weekend, which is just what we needed!!   

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Oh no! Is it a younger teacher? I kinda felt the same after A's dance class in the fall, she rarely engaged the kids (not just A though) and the ones that were struggling at the start of class she definitely did not make any attempt to warm them up to the class.
We had a rainy weekend so I am jealous of your sunshine!


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