Friday, June 9, 2017

Dads Birthday Surprise Weekend

How is it Friday already? 

Our weekend was really busy, but we did have a lot of fun!!    

Friday night M had ball.   

Saturday morning M had to work, so i dropped Em at the farm to play with Grandma while I took Noah to gymnastics.

 This week went much better, but I may have bribed him with a Home Depot trip if he was good. Luckily on 2 weeks left!! So we ran to Home Depot, stopped at the market to ck up fresh local strawberries - YUM and grabbed lunch to head back to the farm.         

 We had my Dads surprise party that afternoon, so after I got the kids down for nap, I started to get ready and lay out clothes. Luckily Noah woke up before I left and was able to try on clothes, because my original choice didn't fit him and then he was just picky about what he wore and how he wore it....      I stopped to pick up balloons before heading to the hall to help my sister set up! I'll let the pictures do the talking, but we pulled it off with the help of C! He was soo surprised and soo happy! It only took us 65 years to get it right!!   

The centre pieces we made:

And it wasn't a party held at a gold course without a golf cart ride for the kiddos!! 

 We managed to get a few pics of the kids when we got home before we put them straight to bed!! 

When did he turn into such a little boy?? 

After we got the kids down it was a little date night for us. We had a babysitter come over and we went to a birthday party bonfire. 

As we were on our way home, we were invited to another bonfire, so we popped over there as well. 

Sunday morning we rushed out of the house to go have breakfast with my Dad and C at the hotel before they headed out. Of course Noah fell in the parking lot when we left and was then worried his bandaid would cause him to sink at swimming lessons.. he did just fine!!  Miss Em was not a fan of swimming this week, she was just over tired, had been held all morning or in her seat, so we toughed it out but when we got home, the first thing she did was snuggle with Gracie girl! 

Sunday afternoon my intentions to get caught up around the house were out the window. My allergies were horrible, so I took a benedryl and apparently it makes me super tired now! I ended napping when the kids did!  I did manage to get Gracie shaved down before supper while everyone else was outside playing. M got the new grass rugs down in the play area (we needed 2 more),  and we got some laundry hung, but that's about it. After our walk, it was tubby time for these two:

Don't be fooled, that grin came from Daddy spraying Mommy with water... 

It was a fun weekend and I joke that we needed a weekend for our weekend. 

This week was busy, but not quite as bad!! 

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