Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Weekend Rewind

I know another weekend Rewind??? I promise I will share something else other than my weekends soon! Like my fab-fit-fun boxes or some reviews. I just need to take some time to do it, it's just been busy around here and by the time evening rolls around and we get the kids down, I'm ready to just veg! This stage of life is soo busy, but soo fun, with a side of frustrating if I'm being honest haha.

Friday, M had ball. 
 Saturday Em and I ran to Costco while the boys got some work done in the yard. Actually that's pretty much all M did all weekend was yard work and pool stuff. We got the pool heater set up, the pool fencing around as well as the back of the yard tidied up a bit.
It was a busy, yet productive day! 

Noah had fun playing with the neighbours and Em discovered she can climb on the table!! She is climbing everything these days!! 

We did manage to get dinner in outside again before the next rain storm pushed through. We had crazy weather this past weekend, one minute it was sunny, the next it was raining or storming. 

Saturday night was "book club" aka wine club haha. It was a much needed fun moms night out!  
 Sunday morning Em stayed inside with me to do some housework while the guys were back outside working. She did manage to find a cookie in the diaper bag that she helped herself too!! She was pretty proud!    

 I ran into town twice on Sunday... still managed to forget some stuff.  My Dad and Cindy came later and brought dinner along with them. It was a nice visit but got chaotic quickly with my dad's dog and Maggie! I think Maggie thought she was a cat (she is a small dog) and wouldn't leave her alone. 

The kids had fun paying with the new toy table I set up outside with dinky cars and dinosaurs with a few little people I got for free from someone giving it away!! Well I had the table, but she was giving the toys away. 
 After supper we took a trip to the park to play! It was all fun and games until Noah fell and gave himself a shiner... 
 After the kids went to bed, my Dad showed me how to do glass engraving. Here is my first attempt

This was a test cup, we just kept doing different things all over it, as you can see more engraving through it on the other side. 

Here is my second attempt I did yesterday:

Noah sure does hate saying goodbye to Grandpa, but he has soo much fun when they are here!! 


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