Monday, August 8, 2011

Back From Holidays!!

Oh there is sooo much to catch you all up on!! I had a very busy weekend, followed by a semi-busy week.

So, I will let you know that the weddings on Friday were great!!!

Here is a picture of M and I:

Saturday morning we packed up our hotel room and headed down for brunch before checking out. While we were at breakfast, the best part of the weekend happened for me... two baby fawns came up to the screened in patio and were frolicking and playing around. They were within feet of our table, just munching away. You know me, I LOVE nature and deer and all wildlife. It honestly made my day/weekend. Just to be able to take 10 minutes and watch these beautiful young deer just reminded me once again how precious and peaceful life can be. I will be honest, they were very calming and gave me chance to take in a moment and reflect on my life in the present.

Over this past week, I have been trying to slow life down and take it all step by step and moment for moment. It has been peaceful and relaxing. A lot of changes have been going on around us and are coming up. Life is BUSY!!! So bear with me.

M and I headed to the lake on Sunday and stayed down on the boat until Wednesday! It was also peaceful and relaxing, being with M and the dogs out on the water, all together. It is easy to find yourself and clear your head and just let go of everything. We had a great trip!!!

More to come on the rest of the week!!!


J and A said...

Great photo! :)

Jessica and Stephan said...

I'm with you on the nature! And I find being around the water, especially around a lake and the cottage life, to be the most relaxing and calming thing for me :) Glad you enjoyed your day out on the boat :)


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