Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Holiday Recap Cont'd

So shall I finish up the rest of my week?

Wednesday we came home and headed to baseball. Another loss, but it was close!

Thursday the sewing room was relocated, much to hubby's liking!! I had it out in the hobby shop. I went out there to work on a project (details coming soon) and discovered that there had been some mice chilling out there at some point. I didn't see any, just their evidence... luckily no damage, but enough to make me move out!

So my sewing room has been moved in the house, to a bedroom upstairs. We will just store the bed until we need it. I must say though, I am LOVING having it in the house and feel that it might get used a bit more often!! My scrap booking is still out in the shop. I may leave it there, because either way traps are down and hopefully the mice will decide that this place isn't soo cool after all!

Friday I spent the day with Nicole aka the Bride to Be on Saturday!!! I am sooo excited for her!!! We spent the day doing wedding stuff and I made it home just in time to head into town for dinner! Mike had a ball game on Friday night and their team actually won!

Saturday morning we headed to a friends house to help move some furniture and we took a few pieces for ourselves and took the rest out to the flying club, as they were having a big yard sale! Then S and I headed to Stratford so I could check out a furniture store. It had great deals!!! I know where I will be going when I need new furniture!!

Saturday afternoon we went over to N and K's for Cole's Memorial. They had a private service in their backyard that was beautiful, emotional and touching. Baby Cole was born still in June. His life has touched soo many people and N and K's strength has flooded the hearts of everyone around them. Please remember how precious life is and do not take life for granted because there are no guarantees.

Sunday we worked around the house and finished up the surprise DIY project that I will telling you all about later this week!!

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Anonymous said...

i now have my own sewing room too!...now just to learn how to sew will be on my next agenda...


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