Tuesday, August 23, 2011

That's My Tuesday!!

Well I guess technically it should be called That's my Weekend, because I am about to recap it for ya!

Friday night M had baseball, lost by just a few runs again with only 9 players, I bet if they had 10 they could have won!

Saturday morning was exciting because it was time to pick up my new Pontiac Torrent!!! Did I mention that I am loving it soo far? I haven't taken pics yet - soon I promise! We also got my necklace fixed while we were in the city. Jazzy got her foot stuck and ripped it off my neck, which broke the chain! Luckily M had gotten a lifetime warranty on it and they just gave me a new chain!! We also stopped at Costco to pick up a few things. We made it home by 2:00, packed the new SUV up and headed to the lake for Seafood fest! As you know I am allergic, but M enjoyed it and I had myself a delicious steak!! May of also gotten into a few of these:

(picture found here)

Loving the new Key Lime Cherry Palm Bay!! (- maybe a little too much)

We ended up getting a wicked thunderstorm, so we all huddled into the gazebo tents and sat around with good company, wine, beer and coolers!! The night ended a bit messy, but in all good fun!

Sunday morning the weather was still hit and miss, raining, clouding over and then clear patches, so M and I decided we would head home. We worked on a few things around the house, I had a quick nap, showered and then we headed out for dinner with N, K and little G! We went to The Keg for dinner! I had not been there for a VERY long time!! It was still just as great! They ended up bringing me the wrong plate, brought me back the right one and gave me a complimentary dessert! You bet I got the chocolate cake to go!! Oh and if you're ever there get the twice baked potato - AMAZING!! N is a firefighter in the city, so we stopped by the fire hall and got a quick tour! N and M went routing around in the trucks, checking out all the gear... M was surprised how different things were from the county v.s. city.

Monday morning, M had left me chocolate cake on his pillow with a fork before he left for work! So I enjoyed breakfast in bed!!! Yummy!!! I got some laundry done, headed out with K for the day. We went to her classroom,cleaned it up and got it ready for September. Then we headed into town for some lunch and then we started plant shopping! I had found some zebra grass for the patio at a greenhouse, but by the time we got there, they had sold it!

(picture found here)

So we popped out to a nursery just outside of the village and luckily they had some and they were on SALE!!! You know me and a SALE!!! I also ended up getting a PeeGee Hydrangea:

found here

which was on sale as well!! I got some really great deals!!!

We had dinner, took the dogs for a walk and then settled in for girl's night!! We even got to enjoy some of J's baby shower cake!!

I went home, cut all the cats nails and headed to bed!!

As for my Tuesday - I am working!!

This weekend we have the big ball tournament in the village and will be hosting again!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

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J and A said...

I will have to try those, I have only tried the pineapple one and I didn't like it. Thanks! Yay to your new car!


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