Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekend Recap

It was actually a pretty fantastic weekend to recap!!!

Friday - Where shall I begin? How about when my boss called me into his office and told me how fantastic I am and that he is giving a SWEET raise?! Um Ok!!! Oh and it was Mike's birthday! I also got to leave work early!We had the Rehearsal Dinner for Nicole's wedding!! It went great!! Mike had baseball, it was a really close game!! 32-30 - we lost by 2!!! Good try boys!!

Saturday - NICOLE'S WEDDING DAY!!! Up bright and early to get our hair done!! I ended up forgetting the pictures, but it turned out pretty awesome anyways, except my hair dresser wasn't the nicest and didn't use enough hairspray for my liking on a hot/humid day.

Then I got my make-up done and guess what girls.... I am no longer a fake eyelash virgin!!! Yup I took one for the team and loved it!!! They looked soo good, I might have to do it again and again!!

The wedding was fantastic, and the pictures were pretty good too... wanna see some? (these are all pics from my camera!)

Picture I took of the rings and N's shoes!!
Wedding party shot!!
The Girls

M & I

Of course there are soooo many more... but there is a sneak peak!!

My speech was excellent!!! I might post it later this week... we will see!

Oh and on Saturday was my Grandma's 90th Birthday!!! Unfortunately I missed it!!

Sunday was my Sister's birthday!!! M and I ended up relaxing most of the day on Sunday. We were exhausted!!!

I must say... I have 2 weeks left in August and I hope to use them to relax and enjoy the rest of summer!!

Another thing that happened, which just might affect the big ol' blog is - my laptop died... either my video card/screen broke. Luckily, it is still under warranty!! So I am stuck using my old laptop... which I hate! I will hopefully have it back in a week!!

Oh Ya... remember how I may have mentioned a mouse... well guess what.... it is GONE!!! Just as I predicted... Without going into to much graphic detail... not only did the trap catch it (as in one)... the cats made sure it was dead as well!

Monday - I accomplished a lot around the house! I washed the floors, did laundry, dealth with some personal stuff, vacuumed and trimmed the dogs hair. I also made a salsa dip for Girl's night, which I hosted!!

Want some more good news? I have a lady coming to look at my car tonight!!! I PRAY she wants to buy it!!! Please keep your fingers crossed!!

Oh and some Tail Wagging Tuesday:

Gracie on the beach!!

Have a great day!!!


Michelle said...

Love those wedding pictures!

You've got a lot going on, girl!

Rebekah said...

Congrats on the raise! That's awesome! You look beautiful! Gracie is just too cute.

Sara said...

Awesome news about the raise. It sounds like a great weekend and lots of birthdays and fun! Love your bridesmaid dresses too!

Jessica and Stephan said...

congrats on the raise! :)


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