Thursday, July 18, 2013

This and That Thursday

Today I am headed up to see my Mom, I had a day off yesterday and literally spent it by the pool! It was perfect and super relaxing! Just what I needed!!! My sister and I have figured every other day pretty much so I go back up Saturday.

The pool temp climbed to 88 yesterday! It was never this warm at my parents!

Crazy to think M and I's anniversary is on Sunday!!! Time flies when you are having fun!! We don't usually do much, but I think this year deserves at least a special dinner to go over our accomplishments!!

I really need to start taking pictures again...

My backyard is slowly and surely improving, M moved some dirt around and smoothed out a lot of it. He said he just has some rock picking and then before I know it he will be seeding the lawn.

My Dad is coming down for an overnight stay today!

I've really sucked at blogging lately - my apologies! I just find that with all that is going on with my Mom, that it is the only thing going on!

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J and A said...

Day off, aren't all your days days off??!! :) I hope Mom has a good day! YAY for a special anniversary dinner! Enjoy.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Have a good visit with your Mom.

I've been slacking in the picture taking lately too, especially with the good camera.

Sitting by the pool all day sounds lovely!

Happy Anniversary!!

Team Harries said...

Enjoy your time off and happy anniv!


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