Monday, July 15, 2013

Last Weekend of Holidays Together

M had been on holidays for the last two weeks, not that we saw much of each other at all, with putting in the pool and my mom being in the hospital. So this weekend our goal was to spend it together, and we did just that. 

Friday M put in the concrete patio... He is no concrete man and we have friends coming to fix it all with a top coat - hopefully sooner than later!! But it wasn't mud, it was definitely slip free... And it does the job for now!! 

Saturday we had that super fun ball tournament fundraiser. It was soo much fun, our team was stacked with great friends, and despite the fact that some of the players had never played before, we made it to semi finals!! The tourney was here in the village, so the pool was officially broke in, in-between and after the games. It was great spending time with everyone and entertaining, as we haven't in soo long and I love entertaining!! Next up I need to plan M's 30th Birthday! 

Sunday we had to cut the grass at the farm. It was super hot out, so that wasn't all that fun, but we got it done. Then we headed up to visit my Mom. They are hoping to transfer her to Woodstock, which is soo much closer to the stroke rehab program assuming she is eligible. 

We grabbed a super early dinner at Jack Astors, grabbed groceries and headed home. We went for a swim, as the pool is up to 80 already and I feel like its going to get warmer as this week is supposed to be super hot!!! Now I just need some floats and we are golden!! 

M's parents popped over last night to see the pool, we had an awesome visit and I won't lie, I was in bed by 9:30 and probably asleep by 9:45. Not even The Kardashians could keep me awake! Haha.

Tomorrow I have an awesome give away coming!!! Don't miss out!! 

Oh and yes, there aren't any pictures, because I have clearly lacked at this lately!' 

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J and A said...

Glad you guys had a good weekend together. Can't wait to see the backyard all done!! Hope Mom is doing well.


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