Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What's New Wednesday?

Ok let's start with a weekend rewind. It was great. Friday nights ball didn't happen. We ended up getting stuck there in an insane thunderstorm, with crazy lightening and wind. Of course M and I walked there and needless to say it was a wet walk home! 

Saturday we ran some errands and enjoyed a quiet day at home. 

Sunday M gave me sweet roses to start off the morning just after a pretty sweet sleep in and breakfast together. 

We headed to the lake and we had a great day! 

We didn't end up going out for dinner, but we have plenty of time to do that. 

Yesterday we took little miss Jazz to the vet for her peeing in the house problem that is happening more frequently than I would like to admit. The vet suspects depression and wonders of anything has changed in our lives recently to bring on the new behaviour. The fact that its not new, just worsening makes him suspect depression, but is running a urine test to rule out crystals or urinary tract problems! 

She totally pulled the 360 degree attitude switch when we got there and tried to pull the perfect cat act. Check out her innocent face:

Needless to say they are keeping her overnight for the sample and I left warning her that she better rummage up an infection of some sort to explain her behaviour. The vet reassured me that she would end up with a diagnosis of some sort, even if he has to make one up to define depression. Her drama continues... Hopefully it's nothing serious, but I'm hoping for an explanation. 

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