Thursday, July 25, 2013


Yesterday was one of those days that just don't quite go as planned. 

I started it off with a sleep in, which was maybe the one thing that did go right... 

I headed to the hospital to visit Mom, which was going well as well. I'm sure she is getting overwhelmed with staying in the hospital and not being able to control her own life right now, but she's taking it like a champ. Just as we were sitting down for lunch, I had forgotten my phone in moms room, so I went back to grab it. I had like 20 missed calls from my sister and BIL. I call them back and it turns out my sister is wanting me in Emerg at a different hospital. 

I go and tell Mom that I have to go because Amy hurt herself and rush off to Ingersoll to the hospital there. 

Turns out my sister has an open fracture on her big toe. Just disgusting! 

Here is her x-ray:

It was gross and very graphic and I will spare you the details on what they did. How did she do this you ask? She dropped a table on her foot. 

After we leave the hospital not once, but twice because her toe bled through the first round of gauze, I get her home. I check my phone to see that the vet called with an update on Jazz.

Turns out she didn't pee yet. I asked if this was a sign of urinary problem and he said no... A sign of a stubborn cat! Yup he must be talking about ours!! So he was planning to keep her another night unless she went. 

I go grab some groceries, rushing home to get making my lasagna. I get t all started and sure enough I realize I don't have enough sauce.... Ugh what can go wrong next? 

The vet calls back and says Jazz finally peed and her tests came back clear! She is overweight, but heathy!! WHAT? She can't be!! Why is she acting out and peeing in the house for like 2 months? The vet asked again if anything has changed at home and I said not that I can think of! He recommends anti-depressants.... Are you kidding me? 

Mike comes home with chili that M's mom made and just as I go to open the door for him he drops it! Chili everywhere!! Luckily outside the door which was easily cleaned with the garden hose! We managed to have enough left for dinner. 

We went and picked up Jazz, paid for her visit.... Insert annoyed face here.... And her anti-depressants... Insert these better work threat and we're on our way. We let her out of her kennel on the way home and she sat up in between M and I. We had a conversation with her regarding her actions, to which she seemed to understand with plenty of head buts and purring. We pull into the drive way and she gets on M's lap - ya you read that right, she really must be off her rocker because she hates M! We decide to give her meds right now while it was easy. M goes to touch her and she growls at him, then continues to purr. She did this numerous times... Crazy cat! Ya turns out I can call her that and it's true! We finally get her pill down and in the house we go and she goes straight into hiding! 

I'll be sure to update you all on this! 

Remember to enter my give away! I plan to pick a winner tomorrow!! 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Ouch! Wishing your sister a speedy recovery.
I have had a few friend's who's kitty's do that and yup same story, they are depressed. Not that it is funny, but I laugh a bit cause it is a cat! Silly cats. I hope they help her.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

What a day!

That is so nasty what happened to your sister's toe? I probably would have thrown up!

Sounds like your cat is a... cat!! Stubborn things! Hope the anti depressants help her.

J and A said...

Your poor sister!!! ouch!!!
Glad ot hear Mom is doing ok and kitty is just a drama queen!! ha ha oh pets!!

Team Harries said...

Thinking about you and your family!!!

Hilary said...

You should call the guy from My Cat From Hell. I got sucked into that show last weekend, lol. He's like the cat whisperer!


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