Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday - Bullet Form

It is crazy how quick this week went by! 

But it has also been a great week! July is shaping up to be pretty awesome!! Anyways here a break down of the week:

- Monday was at the cottage

- Tuesday M started digging for the pool! My yard now looks like a mud pit, but I'm envisioning the final product! I spent the afternoon with S in Cambridge!! 

- Wednesday Dad came down sure early and they got going on the pool. I took my sister to London for B's follow up with the paediatrician, picked up the pool liner and had a nice dinner together after the guys worked on the pool! 

- Thursday the pool liner went in. Man that thing is tricky. M went and got the fence boards for the fences we need to construct. Hopefully that will happen soon as we are filling the pool. 

- Today my Dad went home, M is doing a sewer and then hopefully working with liner as it still has a few wrinkles before we can finish filling it. And then ball of course. And to add to today's business... It's raining! Anyone up for a mud bath? How about bathing a dog that can't stay out of it? Which then leads to the wet dog smell. Yup. Fun times!

- this weekend we are working in the yard obviously and we need to goto Costco to buy some pool supplies. 

- I will hopefully be able to wash my floors soon too but don't want to do it until the mud won't be tracked in! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

1 comment:

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Busy busy!! You are so productive! Hope the rain stops so you can finish the pool and mop the floor!


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