Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Let The Truth Be Told

Here are some random, yet mostly embarrassing truths to my reality lately:

- I still haven't finished unpacking from my trip out west

- I need to desperately go through Noah's drawers and pull out the cloths that are too small. He's in between sizes again, which we all know I hate! I actually stopped putting his laundry away until I do it, so now I have piles on his floor too... Such a mess

- I want to get back out walking, I'm sad that I can't be running because of a knee problem (doctors advice), but I did enjoy getting out and walking - my excuses: it's been soo stinkin' hot here and I am just so tired from our trip still!! 

- speaking of sleep, I have finally had two nights of great sleep! What a difference these nights have made!! 

- I am going to pick up one more can of spray paint for the wicker couch for the front porch and then hopefully get this thing home and in place!! I can't wait to see it finished!! 

- laundry.... I washed everything before I left and Mike put away mostly everything, except my stuff. 

- Noah has been super clingy lately and don't get me wrong I really love it, but when the day is done and I don't have a toddler crawling all over me, I take a sigh of relief! 

- Noah's new favorite saying is "my mommy" over and over again. I secretly love it, even if it's on repeat for most of the day! 

- getting Noah's 0-6 month photo book in the mail has pretty much made me look forward to getting his 6-12 done, but I fear that I will need at least one more extension! Since I did a maternity Photoshoot last night that will need editing and I'm secretly hoping to get it done by Friday!! 

- pictures are over rated for this post! 

- today I am picking up a FREE shoe rack! We are in desperate need to shoe storage and granted I don't love the system I'm getting today, it's better that nothing until I decide! 

- I originally said I would not get a sand box for our yard, but I have since reconsidered after seeing how much he lives them and will sit and play in! So I found one of those used too, which will get us by this year until M makes him one! 

- it's now breakfast time for the monkey.... Fingers crossed fruit smoothies win for the second day!! 

Have a great day! 


P!nky said...

Woohooo free shoe rack!!!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I'm slowly clearing out closets right now. I need to vacuum pack 4 boxes of A's clothes! Leo's is next!

I have to unpack right away from a trip- suitcases in my room drive me nuts! I also need to do the laundry right away. Maybe that's why I'm so tired after a trip!

Free shoe rack!! Jealous! I need one at work! LOL!

Laura Darling said...

Woo hoo for a free shoe rack! That's awesome! ANd I hope it cools down so you can get some walking in!

Aubrey said...

Being in between sizes is the worst!! The boys are in 18 mos but I just bought some 24 mos and they look huuuuge!!!


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