Thursday, August 13, 2015

Saskatchewan 2015- Part 1

Noah and I spent the past week visiting my cousin out in Saskatchewan, it was a crazy busy week single parenting a teething toddler, but it was great to visit with all my cousins who were also down!

We flew down Tuesday luckily I had some help from my cousins husband who sat with Noah and I! We had no tears, but it was busy! He did give in and had a 45 minute nap, which was super nice!! 

Of course we rented a mini van to get us all to my cousins and somehow we ended up with a traverse, so fitting everyone and all our stuff was no easy feat, it was really tight, but we did it! Luckily it was just under an hour to her place. 

Noah and Briar didn't mess around and got right to playing!!

Crazy how big Noah is compared to the other two!! There are 6 months between Briar and Noah and 6 months between Briar and Gabe and roughly 11 months between Noah and Gabe and yes, Gabe is a bit bigger than Briar! 

We slept in a trailer, so we can technically check off camping on the summer bucket list! Lol. Night 1 involved a one hour party n then falling asleep in my bed, but he did great!

It was cool on Wednesday, but that didn't stop Noah from wanting to check out the side by side for a ride! He LOVED this thing!! Ride after ride. By the end of the week he was crawling up on it himself and standing in the drivers seat. 

He had to show his cousins how to properly soak himself in the water table in true Noah fashion... Little bum!

Noah also loved checking on the pigs and "feeding" them! Like I said it was a really busy week! 

Miss Briar:

It was pretty much teething central for the week too! Noah with his eye teeth and molar, but Gabe and Briar were both cutting teeth too!! 


Us cousins! 

It pretty much rained from Thursday-Saturday morning, so entertaining the kids inside became a desperate action:

He loved putting his hat on Briar!!

Listening to Lindsay read to them:

We gave up and went outside despite the wet weather!! 

We decided to go for a walk, and managed to get 2k done, but Noah decided he wanted to walk the way back and then sit in the middle of the dirt road and play with stones... Oh the life of a toddler! 

I will recap the rest of trip next week, since clearly I took lots of pics!! 


Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Sounds like a fun trip!! The kids are so cute playing together!
That happened to us too- we rented a minivan and got the Flex. It wasn't too bad though- still lots of room.
Love your entertaining options for the kids!!

J and A said...

Sounds like a great trip! Too bad the weather wasn't very good, bummer. All the cousins are so cute together!!


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