Thursday, August 20, 2015

Saskatchewan Part 2

Ok so we left off on Friday on the last post!

But then I realize I forgot to mention that Thursday night I couldn't get Noah to sleep for the life of me, so we loaded him up and took him for a drive!! Let's just say in true form, the country roads made for a nice drive and he was asleep in no time and transferred well too!!

I do have to share that my husband was clearly missing me and went out and bought me the Luke Bryan CD that was released Friday! Best hubby ever!

The weather finally cleared up and Noah had to go check on the pigs before anymore fun could be had! 

Then it was time for another ride on the side by side! I will let the pics do the talking

And the views were stunning! 

I spy a rainbow!! 

Then we had to stop and see the Bulls:

The adventures of Maggie and Noah! Pretty much the only time Maggie tolerated Noah was when they were touring together!! 

Happy hours come every Friday out there!!

Saturday morning book reading:

With the book club:

My little cling on couldn't be without me, so when I needed to get something done, like make rice krispie squares for the party, I was creative in entertaining him too!

Back outside:

Time for a big tractor ride with Brent:

He cried a bit when he realized I wasn't coming, but sure enough once they got moving he was cool. He didn't lose it again until he saw me when they went to park it! I was proud that he did it though- without me! 

Teaching Gabe about quads: 

Sunday morning we went to church, where I spent all but 10 minutes in the nursery with Noah, which was totally fine! You could actually watch the service from in there too!!

After church was Briars birthday party! Needless to say Noah had a busy day and by the end of it you could tell!! But he had fun playing in the tunnel and on the trike:

I was hoping to finish our trip recap in two posts, but I realized how long this one is already and have decided to make one more!! 

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J and A said...

What fun! Glad you guys had a great trip with family and the weather looked better for this half! :) He's so cute going for a ride!


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