Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Loves on Wednesday

Still not the post I had planned for today... But life just keeps getting in the way!

I am loving that my dining room is done now, and soo is my great room! Granted we need to redo the floors in the great room, that is a project that can wait a bit because I am soo over renos right now!! 

I am loving my family - yesterday we had a scare with my Dad, long story short, he is okay, it was literally just a scare to what they chalked up as a cardiac event, but warned him just how lucky he was. He will be following up with some more tests and go and see his cardiologist. When I say it scared me and my sister, it REALLY scared him and I would be happy to not have to have hard conversations in the hospital with him, but at the same time, I'm glad they were conversations and that I still had him to talk to! 

Mikes Mom was able to come over and watch Noah for me last minute and ended up making us dinner too!! Soo grateful to have someone there that I can call in a flash. 

Noah had fun with Grandma in the meantime:

I love that little boy more than words. He is constantly showing me that he is turning into such a big boy lately and is constantly challenging himself. 

Clearly this post is turning into a sappy one... So I will just leave with a quote I am loving too:

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Murdock's mama said...

My dad had a cardiac event and spent the night at the hospital last week, too. Such scary stuff! So glad to hear he's okay though!


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