Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Rewind

It must be the end of summer because weekends are zooming on by now. Let's get right to it!!

Friday night M had ball, however I decided to stay home with Noah. It was super hot, Noah had only napped for an hour and I just saw disaster written all over it, so he was in bed and fast asleep before M even left for ball! I won't lie, I wasn't far behind!! Still catching up on the sleep I lost out west! 

Saturday, M was in a ball tournament all weekend. His first game was at 11:45, so we went to it and man was it hot, we found a bit of shade under a tree, but not like Noah would stay still long enough to even enjoy that! Needless to say they lost that game! We came home to put Noah down for his nap inbetween the next game and I ended up just sending M on his own and we stuck behind and napped! 

They lost that game too. On the way home, the neighbour and M decided to do an impromptu pizza night and a swim. So they went to pick up pizza and then his wife and kids met us at our place and we  enjoyed pizza and swim. It was too cold for me, so I sat out with the baby - oh shucks - baby cuddles! 

Sunday morning we celebrated Noah turning 18 months old!! How is he a whole year and a half??
Wow time needs to slow down!! 

We went for lunch with my Dad and then came home for nap time. I quickly got things ready for the reunion with M's help before he had to leave for ball again. The plan was for me to leave seperately, but then Noah decided to have a monster nap (3.5 hours) so we waited 15 minutes for M and then went as a family. Oh and I do have to say that M's team did win the C Division via tie breaker during extra inning so basically they were the winners of the losers! Lol

Noah enjoyed swimming at the reunion, and playing in the camping chairs!

I did win a label maker!! Just one more tool to help me get organized one day haha. 

Despite Noah going to bed late last night, he woke up early! I guess yesterday's nap did wonders for him!! I actually slept well last night too, so it wasn't too bad getting up at 7:30!


Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Busy weekend! Sad we couldn't meet up! :(
Thanks for the reminder to pull out the blocks- Leo will love those!
Happy 18m birthday Noah! Gosh time can slow right down! Halfway to 2! :(

J and A said...

sounds like a nice weekend! 18 months! Time sure flies, it's nuts!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Crazy that he is 18 months old!!
3.5 hour nap?! Woot woot!
I swear sometimes A will wake up earlier after a late night! lol

Aubrey said...

A year and a half already?!?!


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