Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Rewind

Friday night M got a fire call while bathing Noah, so I took over the bedtime routine, which I will just say how easy it is getting now that Noah is putting himself to sleep!! Hopefully that doesn't jinx us, but there is no struggle right now and I am loving it!! Luckily M wasn't too late and they were able to get it under control, but I am pretty sure I still went to bed early.

Saturday we headed to my Moms in London to help her pick up her new fire place. I made a super short trip to Winners and grabbed the new Batiste Dry Shampoo: 

Now I haven't tried this one, but volume is never a bad thing, so I am looking forward to trying it!! If you have never tried the Batiste Dry Shampoo - go to Winners (it's cheapest there) and try it! You will not regret it!! Best Mom find - when you don't have time to wash your hair but want a fresh look!! I also bought a package of receiving blankets for my next rag quit project! Unfortunately I did not find Noah bedding for his big boy room... The search is still on!! 

We were at my Moms longer than we planned, but we scored a lazy boy for Noah's big boy room and had to drop off a couch at my sisters. 

Little helper: 

Just like Daddy:

When we got home we finished watching the Jays game and then M and Noah went outside to cut the grass and I got some housework done. We still weren't hungry come dinner time because we had pizza for lunch, so we fed Noah and after he went to bed I had an egg mc muffin and M had a bowl of cereal! We watched the movie:

It was actually pretty good, but I am also a Diane Keaton fan!! We also enjoyed some popcorn along with it and then off to bed I went, while M stayed up to watch something else. 

Sunday morning we enjoyed waffles for breakfast and then got to our busy morning. M was taking Noah to go surveying with him and I had to head to N's to take pics of her baby and visit of course. Turns out I locked M out of the house when I left, since I have to use his truck right now and therefore his keys because my SUV is broken, to the point it needs to be put on a trailer to get it into town - something about a hose from my transmission was rotten. Luckily M found a way in. 

Noah loves his kobota rides!! 

I got home shortly after them, M put Noah down and went back to work and I got right to work on finishing my photobook!! I finally edited Noah's birthday pictures, so you bet that post will be coming to the blog soon!!

M and Noah bathed Gracie and by the time they finished it was dinner time. 

The boys took the truck and trailer back to the farm after dinner while I worked more on the photobook!! 

It was bedtime when they got home and we had on tired happy boy on our hands who went right to sleep:

I finished the book by 8:30 and man did it feel like such a relief and huge weight off my shoulders!! No more tight deadlines for a little while!! Up next will be getting caught up on laundry and start emptying Noah's big boy room and sorting through his clothes! 

Did anyone see that moon last night? I got up to use the bathroom around 1 AM and our backyard was lit right up as if a light was on! It was crazy bright! 

Today is rainy, but we have playgroup this morning to help distract us! 


Murdock's mama said...

What a productive weekend for you guys! This week is going to be CRAZY for us! :(

J and A said...

Busy and productive weekend for sure!! He's such a helper! His big boy room is coming together! What kind of bedding are you looking for?

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Glad bedtimes are going good!! Better for everyone :)
I use dry shampoo a lot, so I will look for Batiste for sure!
You reminded me I need to get a move on A's room, it is hard since we move in January so I do not want to do too much yet.
I saw the moon but it was not too good from out place.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Woah you were busy!!

Have you tried the new dry shampoo yet? I bought it and hated it. I actually threw it out because it just gunked up my hair so much :( Hope you like it better. Original all the way!

I missed the moon- sure looked neat in all the photos!

This post makes me hungry- I want pizza, McDonald's, and popcorn!


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